American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS)

Our Vision
Individuals, families, and communities are achieving optimal quality of life assisted by competent, caring professionals whose expertise is continually updated through the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS).

Our Mission
The mission of the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences is to provide leadership and support for professionals whose work assists individuals, families, and communities in making informed decisions about their well-being, relationships, and resources to achieve optimal quality of life.

Our Core Values

  • Believe in the family as a fundamental unit of society.
  • Embrace diversity and values all people.
  • Support life-long learning and diverse scholarship.
  • Exemplify integrity and ethical behavior.
  • Seek new ideas and initiatives and embraces change.
  • Promote an integrative and holistic approach, aligned with the FCS body of knowledge, to support professionals who work with individuals, families, and communities.

Principles of Professional Conduct
These Principles of Professional Practice guide American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences members in all categories.

The following Statement of Principles is intended to guide members of the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences with the description of the actions required for ethical professional practice both individually and collectively.

Statement of Principles of Professional Practice

AAFCS members think and act in ways that reflect honesty and integrity.  They make sound ethical decisions and avoid making misleading or inaccurate communications.
AAFCS members avoid practices that harm, exploit or intimidate others.
AAFCS members endeavor to maintain the credibility of the profession by demonstrating integrity.

Professional Competence
AAFCS members base their competence on educational degrees earned from regionally accredited institutions and from training, experience, and certification programs recognized by AAFCS.
AAFCS members seek professional development reflecting new expectations, procedures, and knowledge.
AAFCS members assure accurate presentation of their work by organizations with whom they are affiliated.
AAFCS members identify themselves using the professional designation reflecting the AAFCS certification they have achieved, consistent with the procedures and guidelines of the AAFCS Council for Certification. 
AAFCS members claim competence in area(s) for which they have education, training, and experience.
AAFCS members practice within the law and within the recognized boundaries of their education, training, and experience.

Respect for Diversity
AAFCS members respect backgrounds, differences, and cultural beliefs of individuals, families, and communities, and engage in practices that support diversity.

AAFCS members maintain and guard the confidentiality of persons with whom they have professional relationships.
AAFCS members establish and maintain relationships of respect, trust, confidentiality, and cooperation.

Conflict of Interest
AAFCS members take active steps to prevent and to avoid conflicting roles, and to avoid exploitation of the individuals with whom they work or have other professional interests.
AAFCS members by assuming responsibility for fair treatment of consumers, other professionals, and individuals and/or families, avoid the fact or appearance of divided loyalties.

Click here to download a pdf of the Code of Ethics.

Revised 2013