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University of Maryland Extension Receives Education Award for
 Community Health Insurance Program

Alexandria, Va. – July 30, 2014—The Community of Family Economics and Resource Management (FERM) honored its 2014 Education Award recipients at a ceremony during the 105th AAFCS Annual Conference & Expo in St. Louis, Missouri, last month. Bonnie Braun, Lynn Little, and Virginia Brown led the University of Maryland Extension’s award-winning team.

“I’m honored that my professional association would acknowledge the value of Smart Choice Health Insurance with this award, which I share with the leadership team,” said Braun.

It took the entire University of Maryland Extension team—Bonnie Braun, Amanda Ginter, Jinhee Kim, Teresa McCoy, and Mia Baytop Russell—as well as Chris Garcia from the University of Maryland and Maria Pippidis from the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension, to create and test the educational materials called Smart Choice Health Insurance.

The FERM Education Award recognizes an individual or team who has made contributions to individuals, families, and communities through exceptional education programming in family economics and/or resource management. This covers a variety of curriculum programs that can range from public school, colleges or universities, Extension or community programs, and electronic or web-based programs.

Smart Choice Health Insurance teaches consumers how to purchase and use health insurance. Consumers attend a two-hour workshop in which they are equipped with the tools, understanding, and confidence needed to make the best possible decision when choosing a health insurance plan. The workshop discusses the process of obtaining health insurance coverage and factors to consider as well as financial literacy and resource management. Currently Smart Choice has 89 certified educators to conduct the workshops in 25 states throughout the United States.

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