American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS)

“Touching Lives,” part of the AAFCS tagline, speaks to the benefits, outcomes, and results that AAFCS brings to members as well as individuals, families, and communities. By understanding today’s complex social and economic issues, AAFCS helps members and FCS professionals make an impact on our quality of life. And through its leadership support, programs such as Pre-Professional Assessment and Certification (Pre-PAC), and the "Taking It to the Streets" Campaign, AAFCS touches the lives of its members and FCS professionals, enabling them to grow and accomplish more.

Here are some first-hand accounts of how AAFCS is “touching lives”:

Awards, Grants, Fellowships, and Scholarships
“This scholarship will help with my future education and allow me to focus more of my time on my academics and completing the family and consumer sciences program here at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I thank you for your confidence and willingness to help me achieve my goals. I look forward to many years of continued involvement in the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences.”
- Holly Bjorklund, 2009 Jewell L. Taylor National Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient

“I want to thank you for the honor of receiving the 2010-2011 Dye-Leverton Graduate fellowship. As I continue my graduate career, it will truly help me continue my research interests.”
- Katy Piehowski, 2010 Dye-Leverton National Graduate Fellowship Recipient

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FCS Professional Development Center
"I look forward to attending annual conferences because I love the professional updates and new research presented; I have created great friendships over the years and look forward to seeing everyone again; I enjoy networking with professionals from all over the country and seeing how FCS is implemented/working in their state; and my love for this profession and organization grows each and every year... I can't understand why everyone is not a member and attends the conference! See you in OHIO!!"
- Mindy Rottmund, CFCS, Pennsylvania

"I enjoy networking with FCS professionals from all over the nation and learning about their programs and their challenges. I always appreciate the quality of the keynote speakers because they offer insight into very real life issues in the nation and/or the world and they relate them back to our professions. It is refreshing to see students participate in the annual conference and realize that these will be the ones who will take charge soon, hopefully even before we retire."
- Jorge Atiles, Georgia

“I have attended all of the annual conferences in the past 12 years and look forward to it very much. The value to me personally and professionally is great. What I have gained makes me willing to become involved, give back, and be a part of the conference.”
- Kathy Norquist, Minnesota

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FCS Credentialing Center
“The [pre-professional] assessments will help prepare students for today’s workforce. The results could assist students with a seamless transition from high school to post-secondary levels of study and employment placement and could provide guidance to teachers to improve instruction.”
- Wendy Ambrose, Executive Director, Minnesota FCCLA

“As a member of AAFCS, I am fortunate to be affiliated with an organization that promotes an uncompromised commitment to excellence in family and consumer sciences through the CFCS certification program. After validating a superior level of professional competence through testing, AAFCS provides and recognizes numerous opportunities for professional development at district, state, and national levels. With enhanced knowledge and skills, we can be more effective in our professional roles.”
- Darlene Myatt, CFCS, TAFCS 2006 Professional of the Year

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“As I embark upon my own graduation from the University of North Texas and the transition to a professional membership, I continue to place the highest value on the network and lifelong friendships I have gained through my participation in AAFCS.”
- Davette Angelo, 2008-2009 National Student Unit Secretary, Student of the Year, and Flemmie D. Kittrell Fellowship recipient

“For only $5 a month, my student membership in AAFCS gives me the opportunity to meet passionate FCS professionals, travel to all kinds of neat places, network with potential employers, make new friends, and have tons of fun!”
- Megan L. Pritchett, AAFCS 2008-2009 Student Unit Chair and FCS Teacher

“More than 50 years ago my junior high school home economics teacher inspired me to become a teacher like her. Little did I know, it would be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! The opportunities to teach and serve others through my FCS profession have taken me to literally all corners of the earth professionally. Being a part of AAFCS, my professional organization, has given me a ‘professionalism’ that has added so very much to my life. I can’t imagine my life without being in the FCS profession.”
- Juanita Mendenhall, CFCS, Retired, 2010 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

“. . . I really look forward to the emailed newsletters and receiving the Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences. They both push my thinking a little and remind me that there is more happening in the world than I see in my kindergarten classroom and my home life. . . AAFCS is a forum to encourage family and consumer sciences professionals to push their thinking and support others in the journey to a better quality of life.”
- Becca Ross, Kindergarten Teacher, Literacy Representative, and Blogger

“To me, one of the biggest benefits of AAFCS is the ability to interact with FCS professionals from all different fields—whether it is nutrition and foods, apparel and textiles, child life, design, or consumerism, from educators to business to social agencies. I feel that we can often get isolated into our own little worlds of work in one specific field—and forget how in FCS, all the areas cross over and affect each other.”
- Kathryn Kemp, Illinois AFCS Executive Director

“(AAFCS) Membership has offered me a foundation through which to seek current industry information, engage in discourse, create collegial relationships, and reach professionals and academics through publication and research presentation. The community at large is a dynamic and crucial component of engaging in and understanding policy, practice, and scholarship as they relate to family and consumer sciences.”
- Gus Vouchilas, Assistant Professor of Interior Design, San Francisco State University

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