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Introduction to "Taking It to the Streets" Campaign

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Introduction to "Taking It to the Streets" Campaign

As FCS professionals, our wide range of expertise and far-reaching network puts us in an ideal position to help individuals, families, and communities with many critical issues. Does this mean that AAFCS and family and consumer sciences professionals have the energy and resources to address every issue of concern?  No, of course not!  But we must mobilize as an organization and profession whenever we can in areas related to our field.  High involvement as a large group means we can provide focused help for individuals, families, and communities.  This results in greater public awareness of our field.  Some of these issues will be addressed in pockets by those who have specific interest and expertise.  Others need to be tackled on a grander scale, such as our H1N1 focus.  That is why I launched the "Taking It to the Streets" (TIS) Campaign in 2009.

In working with the "Taking It to the Streets" Leadership Team, we have provided resources to and encouraged members to educate others on H1N1, assist victims of recent earthquakes, and increase awareness of our programs and tools to help fight obesity. We will continue to tackle other issues that are appropriate for our field. If you would like to participate in our initiatives, please visit the web pages listed below. Thank you for your interest and involvement!