Family & Consumer Sciences Careers

Are you considering a career in family and consumer sciences? You've come to the right place! We've compiled a number of resources that will help guide you on your professional path.


Fact Sheets and Brochure

FCS Career Fact Sheet - One-page fact sheet that gives an overview of all careers in family and consumer sciences

FCS Educator Career Fact Sheet - One-page fact sheet for a student who is considering a career in family and consumer sciences education.

FCS Careers Brochure - Detailed information about family and consumer sciences career options.

Website Resources

Career Skillet - Career Skillet was designed to provide comprehensive content to support college students with career-related knowledge and skills that will help them as they are planning for or on the job market.

Directory of FCS University Programs - This page provides links to the states with family and consumer sciences higher education programs. They include both accredited and non-accredited programs.

Map of University Programs for FCS Education Majors - This interactive map will help you find information for FCS education programs throughout the country.

FCS Education State Websites - Find out state specific teaching requirements.

10 Best Degrees for Finding a Job (FCS is #9) - Recent grads who took the FCS path had the same low unemployment rate as drama and theater arts majors, according to the results of the Georgetown study.

Job Sites

FCS Career Connection - job site for all types of family and consumer sciences and related positions, managed by the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences

USDA NIFA Career Opportunities

Society for Nutrition and Behavior Job Site

Council of Administrators of Family & Consumer Sciences Job Site

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