American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS)


What Certifications Can You Earn?
When you pass one of the assessments offered by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), you can earn the corresponding certification:

  • CFCS: Certified in Family and Consumer Sciences
  • CFCS-HDFS: Certified in Human Development and Family Studies
  • CFCS-HNFS: Certified in Hospitality, Nutrition, and Food Science
  • CPFFE: Certified Personal and Family Finance Educator
  • CNWE: Certified Nutrition and Wellness Educator
  • Professional development within the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences encompasses: the Certification Program; the Accreditation Program; and numerous opportunities to assume leadership roles, publish in the Association's professional journals, and enhance personal knowledge and skills through participation in meetings, seminars, and workshops at district, state, and national levels.

    Certification is based on individual mastery of knowledge common and essential to all family and consumer sciences professionals as verified by a minimum of a baccalaureate degree and successful completion of the National Family and Consumer Sciences Examination. The AAFCS Certification Program is designed to:

    • Assure the public that credentialed family and consumer sciences professionals have attained a threshold level of knowledge that enables them to perform services as defined by the mission of the profession;
    • Foster excellence in the family and consumer sciences profession and develop criteria for assessing such excellence; and
    • Promote professional growth of individuals certified in family and consumer sciences by encouraging a systematic program of professional development and continuing education.


    Benefits of Certification
    Becoming certified is the most credible credential a family and consumer sciences professional can achieve. The AAFCS Certification Program provides the following exclusive benefits:

    • Promotes continuing education and professional growth;
    • Provides recognition to individuals, allows them to use the CFCS title and certified designation;
    • Increases professional employment opportunities;
    • Fosters excellence in the family and consumer sciences profession;
    • Markets the profession;
    • Assists employers in recruitment and selection of highly qualified individuals within the profession.