American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS)

The American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) proudly offers three gold-standard, assessment-based certifications for Family and Consumer Sciences professionals:

        • CFCS: Certified in Family and Consumer Sciences
        • CFCS-HDFS: Certified in Human Development and Family Studies
        • CFCS-HNFS: Certified in Hospitality, Nutrition, and Food Science


The professional certifications are:

  • developed by content experts and leaders,
  • consistent with national content standards, and
  • open to professionals across related disciplines and practice settings.

Who benefits from certification?

  • Professionals: Validates knowledge and skills in family and consumer sciences contenta areas and provides a structured path for planning and documenting education and achievements
  • Employers: Guides training needs of current employees and hiring of new employees.


How does a professional earn and maintain a CFCS certification?

  • Pass the competency exam associated with the credential - Click here to learn more about exam content and format and to register for an exam administration
  • Pay the initial certification application fee (discounted fee for AAFCS members) and submit official transcript- After achieving an exam score of 240 (out of 300) or higher, candidates are notified of procedures for completing the certification process. In addition to submitting a completed application form and a university transcript verifying completion of a baccalaureate degree, the candidate must submit an initial certification fee according to the following fee schedule:

    - AAFCS Members: $185 initial certification fee
    - Graduating Seniors (fulltime university, college, or post-secondary students): $105 initial certification fee
    - Nonmembers of AAFCS: $285 initial certification fee

    The initial certification fee covers the cost of obtaining the certification credential and the first year of certification.  An annual renewal fee of $65 is assessed in September of each year (beginning at least 12 months following initial certification). 

  • Ascribe to the Professional Code of Ethics
  • Meet professional development requirements - As a measure of quality assurance, maintaining the CFCS series credential carries a requirement of completing a minimum of 75 professional development units (PDUs with 1 PDU equaling 1 clock hour) over a period of 3 years.  To qualify, the professional development must be related to the competencies identified as the basis for the certification.  Click here to learn more about professional development opportunities for earning PDUs!