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This section is reserved for time-sensitive Community News. Community leaders may submit brief, time-sensitive information for this section to Items will included as space allows. Be sure to sign in to the AAFCS Communities site for detailed info on all Communities.

  • The Community of Elementary, Secondary, and Adult Education Membership Incentive is offered each fall for first and second-year teachers and junior and above FCS education college students. Applications will be accepted beginning November 1, and are available here.
  • The Community of Partners in Home & Community offers college juniors studying FCS the opportunity for Annual Conference funding via the Betsy Norum Stipend. Download the application here.

About Communities

Are you looking for a way to connect with your peers on issues that matter? Enhance your resume by honing your online networking and communication skills? Build leadership skills by generating and leading discussions?

AAFCS online Communities allow you to do all this and more! Whether your area of interest is entrepreneurship, education, or research (or all three!), an AAFCS Community gives you the opportunity to converge with your colleagues and take action on a topic. Click here for a list of current online Communities that members can join today!

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  1. As the Communities Web Portal is password-protected, please have your email address and AAFCS member number handy—you'll need them to access the site.
  2. Unless you've previously changed your information online, your user name is your email address and your password is your member number.
  3. If AAFCS doesn't have your email address on file, than your member number is both your user name and password. Ready? Access Communities now!

Start a new Community

Inspired to build your own online Community? Once you've identified a topic, iIt only takes six members (one of whom is willing to be the Community Leader) and a Statement of Purpose to initiate the Community process. When your application has been approved, the next step is to develop a simple Action Plan with a request for funding if necessary. To download the forms you need to get started, click here.

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Background, Procedural Handbook and Support.

For background on the history of AAFCS Communities, click here.

To obtain a PDF copy of the entire AAFCS Communities Policies and Information Handbook, please click here.

For a Microsoft Word document of the forms contained in the Handbook click here.

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