American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS)

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Who should join AAFCS?

AAFCS connects FCS students, professionals and supporters across multiple practice settings and content areas to share knowledge, research, and experience.

Our content areas include:
Consumer Studies and Retailing; Family & Consumer Sciences Broad Field; Food Science, Nutrition and Wellness; Hospitality Services and Culinary Arts; Housing and Interior Design; Human Development and Family Studies; Personal and Family Finance; and Textiles, Apparel and Design.

Our members are typically employed or otherwise involved in various practice settings, including: Business/Consulting; Early Childhood/Elementary Education; Educational Administration; Extension Education; Human Services; Secondary Education; and Post-Secondary Education.

How do I renew my membership online?

You must first log into MyAAFCS using your personal access credentials; the secure login area is located on the upper right-hand corner of the AAFCS homepage, Upon login, you will be directed to the members-only menu which includes a link to Membership Renewal and Member Resources. If you have an open membership invoice, you can pay online with American Express, MasterCard, or Visa.

How do I notify AAFCS of my new address, phone, job, etc.?

Via MyAAFCS, and the customer profile menu item to update your information. Or, email us at

When does my membership expire?

AAFCS membership is annual and renews on the anniversary of the first date of the month in which you joined. So, if you join on December 1, your membership renewal will be due on December 1 of the next year. If you join April 5, your renewal will be due on April 1, etc.

Does my affiliate have a website?

Most of our affiliates do have their own websites with information on leadership and current events. Review our affiliate directory to find the link. A key component of AAFCS is our affiliate structure, and connecting with FCS professionals in your state is a great way to share knowledge, research, and experience. You can also connect with AAFCS members in your state or region directly by using the online membership directory, accessible to members-only through MyAAFCS.

What are the benefits of membership?

AAFCS is your professional "home" as a family and consumer sciences student or professional. Our priorities are:

ADVOCACY AND COLLABORATION to enhance the visibility and impact of Family and Consumer Sciences

EDUCATION AND RECOGNITION to promote excellence in individuals, programs, and institutions

RESEARCH AND INNOVATION to validate, guide, and advance the Family and Consumer Sciences Body of Knowledge

You can learn more about our history and direction, here. And, our specific individual benefits and services are outlined, here. To speak with our member relations director, please call 800-424-8080 ext. 4606.

Is membership refundable or transferable?

AAFCS membership is non-refundable due to the immediate availability of free downloads and benefits for members. AAFCS membership is transferable upon special request. Call 800-424-8080 for details.

What are my payment options if I want to purchase online?

On the payment screen of your online transaction, you have the option to either pay by American Express, MasterCard or VISA.

How do I change my affiliation to another affiliate?

Please call Membership Services at 1-800-424-8080 or email us at to change your affiliate. At the time of your renewal, you may also edit your affiliate information on your mailed renewal form or on the online renewal form.

Is there a rate for retired members?

AAFCS is pleased to offer members who are retired and at least 60 years of age our "Emeritus" option, which includes a 33% discount on dues. To learn more about eligibility, click here.

I joined, but I haven’t received my member card. Where is it?

Once we receive your payment, you can expect your credit card or check to be processed within seven to 10 business day (if mailed). If you complete the online application, your membership will be activated immediately. We'll mail you a New Member Kit, containing your member welcome or renewal letter from Chief Executive Officer Carolyn W. Jackson, CFCS and your member card. Please note it can take four to six weeks for you to receive your member card. If we have your email address, you will receive your electronic welcome or renewal verification immediately upon processing of your payment.

I think I joined online, but I can’t get into the MyAAFCS. What should I do?

If you completed the online membership application and paid online using MyAAFCS,, you should have received an email with your user name and password; if you didn’t, please call us at 1-800-424-8080/703-706-4600 or email us at If you created a profile but didn’t complete the membership application, you should have received an email with your customer ID and password. Please use that information to log in to MyAAFCS and complete the application process including payment to access all online member benefits.

How do I get the Journal?

AAFCS offers two scholarly journals. The Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences is the official publication of AAFCS and included with all levels of membership. To set up your online access to the JFCS, click here.

Members also have the option to add the Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal at a discount. To learn more, click here.