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Dr. Eleanor R. Abel Glover " . . . considers every day another day for growth and renewal."
Columbia, South Carolina

Member since 2004

Dr. Glover's 36 years of educator experience, including 27 years spent in the school system, well prepared her for her current position as Education Associate for Family and Consumer Sciences in the South Carolina Department of Education Office of Career and Technology Education. A lifelong learner, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences and a Master of Science degree in Individual and Family Development Education at South Carolina State University, a Master of Education degree in Education Administration from the University of South Carolina, and a Doctorate of Philosophy degree in Curriculum and Instruction at Capella University in December 2010. She is the proud mom of one son, a daughter-in-law, and a two-year old grandbaby boy.

Why did you join AAFCS?
I joined AAFCS because the organization offers information, resources, and numerous professional opportunities. In addition, as a leader in the state, I work with more than 400 professionals. To do a good job of spreading the word about the many benefits and opportunities, it is important that I represent the message that I convey to them on a daily basis by getting firsthand experience as a member. I realize that paying dues and joining is important, but it is also important to be actively involved to help to improve and sustain the profession.

How has membership in AAFCS been of value to you and your practice?
Membership in AAFCS has been beneficial to me through the professional opportunities AAFCS offers to grow professionally. The members of the organization are outstanding  individuals who articulate the mission, purpose, and value of Family and Consumer Sciences in deeds and words on a daily basis. The expression “stone sharpens stones” is an ideal way of describing the organization and how its members continue to grow and thrive.

To me, AAFCS is …
the unifying body for Family and Consumer Sciences that provides the strength to endure, the knowledge to succeed, and the power to make a positive impact on individuals,  families, and communities.

Please explain your answer.
The expression, “there is strength in numbers” is true when referencing AAFCS. AAFCS provides the venue to unite the diverse perspectives which leads to a unified body. Family and Consumer Sciences consists of diverse fields of study and diverse individuals, this unified body impacts the lives of  young people through education, communities, businesses, and policymakers.

Why did you choose the field of family and consumer sciences?
Family and Consumer Sciences is a diverse program of study that prepares students to be successful, resilient, and persistent. Family and Consumer Sciences incorporates a holistic approach that addresses the “whole” child.  I chose the field of family and consumer sciences because this field consists of skills that can be applied to life immediately, and allows for a large spectrum of choices when selecting a career for the first time, changing careers, or transitioning to retirement.  The many talents and abilities of family and consumer sciences professionals lend themselves to unlimited possibilities.

Please share a few of your most recent accomplishments.

  1. Completed a Ph. D. in Curriculum and Instruction in December 2010.
  2. Selected by a committee of peers to receive the 2011 AAFCS Leaders Award
  3. Selected by the South Carolina Affiliate as the 2011-2012 President
  4. Designed an online professional development course for family and consumer sciences professionals.
  5. Facilitated the development of statewide course syllabi
  6. Designed an information booklet for the past eight years that provides an overview of the 40 courses and eight programs of study offered in South Carolina that consists of integral associated information for each.


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