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Nina Roofe, PhD, RD, LD
Conway, Arkansas

Member since 2006

Nina has been on the family and consumer sciences career track since 1990, when she earned her bachelor of science degree in home economics with an emphasis in dietetics from the University of Central Arkansas. She then completed the Dietetic Internship at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock in 1991, received the master of science degree in corporate health promotion from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville in 1998, and the Doctorate of Philosophy Degree in family and consumer sciences education from Iowa State University in 2010. She worked for ten years as a clinical dietitian with management and consulting experience before beginning her university teaching career nine years ago at the University of Central Arkansas. Writes Nina, "I feel blessed to work with some of the best colleagues and students in the field. I am married to a wonderful man and we have one terrific son!"

Why did you join AAFCS?
I joined AAFCS because of the professional support provided by the organization. The networking opportunities are phenomenal through the Communities of Practice as well as at the Annual Conferences.
How has membership in AAFCS been of value to you and your practice?
My membership in AAFCS has allowed me to work with professionals around the nation who are interested in similar issues. We share ideas and strategies to address various nutrition and health problems in our communities. It is extremely valuable to brainstorm with professionals from other states who are focused on the same issues. We look at each other’s projects with “fresh eyes” and offer support and resources. The interrelatedness of our field is a major strength—for example; we more effectively help families improve their nutritional status by also analyzing their budget. The professional development and credentialing opportunities provided by AAFCS are some of the best I have experienced. These programs are extremely beneficial to FCS professionals at all stages of their careers.

Please complete the following sentence:
AAFCS is …a group of professionals dedicated to improving the daily lives of those we serve. Please explain your answer. Regardless of our specific area of practice, we all serve people each day. The setting we work in may vary, but our overall goal is to improve lives. We do this through teaching, facilitating, and supporting the individuals, families, and communities we serve.

Why did you choose the field of family and consumer sciences? The field of family and consumer sciences has a rich history in our nation and forms the foundation of many other fields of study. The approach is science-based, outcomes driven, and practical in application. These attributes lend a depth and credibility to the field which I greatly appreciate.

Please list a few of your most recent accomplishments. I recently completed my PhD in family and consumer sciences dducation from Iowa State University (August, 2010). I was then fortunate to secure the position of Assistant Professor and Didactic Program in Dietetics Director at the University of Central Arkansas.

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