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Misty Vinson Hughes, Active Member
Jacksboro, Tennessee

Member since 2012

A Classroom Visit from a Member Inspires a Dream Career

From the small town of Newport, Tennessee, Misty was in food prep class at Carson-Newman College (now University) when AAFCS member Dr. Beverley Hammond came to speak about her career as the Consumer
Scientist for B/S/H/ Home Appliances, makers of Thermador and Bosch appliances. Writes Misty: "I turned to my lab partner and said the exact words 'That sounds like my dream job.' In 2009 I was lucky enough to land my undergraduate externship with Dr. Hammond.  When she decided to retire in 2011 she e-mailed me asking if I would be interested in her job.  My response was 'yes!'  I began as the new Consumer Scientist in September 2011 and
have loved every day of my job.  I enjoy what I do working in the lab and any opportunity I have for speaking with students I absolutely will pursue.  FCS  is a field that not many know about and I want to keep the importance of this field alive with our following generations."

How has membership in AAFCS been of value to you and your practice? The importance of networking is something I can never stress enough.  I have met practicing professionals in my field through being involved in the Tennessee chapter of AAFCS (TAFCS). I have been named Eastern Region Chair for TAFCS and am now working with other members on planning our annual meeting. Networking with my fellow professionals has allowed me to be involved in other professional groups and to continuously learn from those that have been in FCS for many years or are new to the profession.
Please complete the following sentence and explain your answer.
AAFCS is … an essential part of being in the Family and Consumer Science community. In order to expand your career and contacts it is very important to interact with others in your direct profession or in the overall FCS profession. AAFCS provides networking opportunities as well as information on research from other fields among FCS.  AAFCS allows all of us in FCS to stay connected and updated on our practicing field as well as the other FCS fields we may not be specifically involved with.

Why did you choose the field of family and consumer sciences? When deciding on a college major I went through several options in my head.  My final decision was the Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics major at Carson-Newman College (now Carson-Newman University).  I chose this path because it combined two things I enjoyed: research and food (preparation, science, and meal planning).  Luckily the nutrition program is in the FCS department at Carson-Newman.

Please share a few of your most recent accomplishments
-Eastern Region Chair for TAFCS
-Attended Association of Home Equipment Educators (AHEE) annual meeting
-Served as a professional speaker for multiple college and high school students on the importance of networking, professional development, and the field of FCS
-Attended International B/S/H/ Application Workshop in Germany
-Served as a presenter at B/S/H/ National Sales and Marketing Convention and Master’s Training Programs

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