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Betty-Jane Meader, CFCS
Waterville, Maine

Member since 1968

Proving FCS to be a Fashionable Career

Emeritus member Betty-Jane Meader retired in May 2012, and now remains current in FCS by attending affiliate meetings and the AAFCS Annual Conference.  A graduate of Farmington State College (now the University of Maine at Farmington), she began her career by teaching second grade for a year while waiting for the home economics position to open at the new Nokomis High School.  Then, she obtained her master's degree in
home economics education at the University of Maine, where she served as a graduate assistant.  In the fall of 1971, she accepted a teaching position at Thomas College.  For 30 years, Betty-Jane taught fashion merchandising and retail management courses, directed fashion shows and organized field trips to Boston and New York City.  For five summers, she participated in a week-long fashion update seminar at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.  She also studied fashion in Paris for a week in 1985 and in Thailand and Hong Kong for three weeks in 1987. 

How long have you been a member of AAFCS?  45 years

Why did you join AAFCS?  I joined AAFCS because it was my professional organization.  Since I served as president of the Home Economics Club in college, becoming a member of AAFCS was a natural transition.

How has membership in AAFCS been of value to you and your profession?  Membership in AAFCS has allowed me the opportunity to develop leadership skills and to remain current in my field.

Please complete the following sentence:  AAFCS is an organization that offers leadership, networking and educational opportunities.

Please explain your answer.  Over the years, I have served on the MaineFACS board, including being president; networked with members at state and national conventions/conferences; and kept current in my field by participating in workshops and seminars at the state and national level.

Why did you choose the field of family and consumer sciences?  I chose the field because of my interest in textiles and fashion merchandising.  When I correctly identified 50 textile samples in my home economics class at Foxcroft Academy, the student teacher suggested I pursue a career in home economics.  On the other hand, my father couldn't understand why I would major in home economics rather than English; however, when my sister also decided to major in home economics, he commented, "Something must be right about that profession."  My sister (Nancy Stanhope Smith) became a Maine Teacher of the Year.

Please share a few of your most recent accomplishments.
President, American Association of University Women (AAUW) of Maine (2012+)
Membership vice president, Waterville Branch of AAUW (2012+)
Member, Board of Visitors/Trustees at the University of Maine at Farmington (2012+)
District chair, Maine Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (2012+)
Parliamentarian, Kappa Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society for Key Women Educators (2012+)
Member, American Marketing Association (10 years)
Member, Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast Committee (10 years)
Member, Foxcroft Academy Board of Trustees (five years)

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