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Linda Traynor
Henrietta, New York

Emeritus Member since 2008

With more than two decades of AAFCS membership to her name, New York affiliate president Linda Traynor epitomizes FCS. Linda writes, "I feel proud to answer - when asked 'what do I do?' -  (that) 'I am a professional Family and Consumer Scientist, and I prepare my students for life.'"

Why did you join AAFCS?
As a member of a professional organization, I was kept up to date on emerging issues and research in my field. And, with FCS being so diversified, AAFCS was a central location for the most up to date information.

How has membership in AAFCS been of value to you and your practice?
As an educator of FACS and not an academic or core subject, my professional membership kept me focused on the importance of our subject matter and made me feel like a professional when the public didn’t always make me feel worthwhile. I feel proud to answer - when asked 'what do I do?' -  (that) 'I am a professional Family and Consumer Scientist, and I prepare my students for life.'

Please complete the following sentence: AAFCS is . . .
…a professional organization whose members are trying to make this world a better place to live. 

Please explain your answer.
Little did Ellen Swallow Richards imagine the broad spectrum we have embraced and how we still help families be healthy and strong.  With each new invention or discovery we must educate ourselves to help the next generation cope and embrace the next challenge.

Why did you choose the field of family and consumer sciences?
In high school I won an award from the RT French’s company and visited their test kitchen.  I was inspired!  I wanted to work at 1 Mustard St.  I wanted to be a food researcher.  For that reason I minored in Chemistry. My junior year in college my advisor recommended I get my education certification along with my BS.  By the time I returned to Rochester, French’s had moved to one of the Carolinas.  I found a teaching job and fell in love with the students and the broad spectrum of the subject matter.  Even after retiring I still substitute and have filled in ½ time one year when a teacher was needed.  My favorite age group is middle school.

Please share a few of your most recent accomplishments.
1. I joined the public policy committee of AAFCS
2. I planned, organized and ran the NY State Unified Conference Oct 2012.  This included ACTE, AAFCS and Cooperative Extension.  
3. I am president of the New York Affiliate of AAFCS
4.  I was the NY president of NYSAFACE the New York affiliate of ACTE, and in 2005 I was named New York State Teacher of the year for both organizations.
5. Most recently I have started working with “cooking Matters” a program that teaches cooking skills and nutrition to people who use food cupboards.  I work with Foodlink, a five-county organization who works will all the food cupboards in the region. This program is sponsored by Walmart and ConAgra.  My first group was teenage mothers ages 13-18.

Want to Connect? Contact Linda by email at and by phone at 585-359-2891.     

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