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Are you considering a career as a family and consumer sciences educator?

You've come to the right place! We've compiled a number of resources that will help guide you on your professional path.

 Fact Sheet and Brochure

FCS Educator Career Fact Sheet - One-page fact sheet for a student who is considering a career in family and consumer sciences education.

FCS Careers Brochure - Detailed information about family and consumer sciences career options.


Map of University Programs for FCS Education Majors - This interactive map will help you find information for FCS education programs throughout the country.

FCS Education State Websites - Find out state specific teaching requirements.

10 Best Degrees for Finding a Job (FCS is #9) - Recent grads who took the FCS path had the same low unemployment rate as drama and theater arts majors, according to the results of the Georgetown study.

 Commit to Becoming a Family & Consumer Sciences Educator!

We want you to "Say Yes to FCS"! - There is a huge demand for family and consumer sciences educators in secondary schools, Extension, and higher education. If you're ready to pursue a career in family and consumer sciences education (or you already are), show your commitment by completing our short online form. Your commitment will then be seen on our "Say Yes to FCS" interactive map below.

If you are interested in filling the family and consumer sciences educator pipeline, please visit our recruitment page for resources!