Carol Werhan Bio

Carol R. Werhan, AAFCS director-at-large, graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in vocational home economics education. She worked in social services and was also able to stay at home while her children were small. Once she re-connected to her professional roots as a high school FCS teacher, the profession (and those whom she has met through the profession) has never let her down despite many relocations across the country.

While earning her master's degree at Indiana State University, Carol helped to edit and provide curriculum training for Indiana secondary FCS teachers. The mentoring from Dr. Fredericka (Freddie) Kramer set her up for success to transition to a teacher educator at the University of Akron, where she earned her Ph.D. Ohio Affiliate members were also a wonderful encouragement and continue to be so to this day.

For six years, Carol worked for Minnesota State Mankato in the College of Education. This experience provided her a broader perspective of teacher education and added international student teaching and multi-cultural education to her areas of interest. She stayed connected to FCS through the National Coalition of Family and Consumer Sciences Education as member and chair.

Another family relocation landed her in Pittsburg, Kansas, where Carol taught in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at Pittsburg State University for five years. She served as affiliate president and NATEFACS president while teaching both FCS content and pedagogy coursework. Kansas was a great place of professional collaboration and personal support.

Fate would have it that she needed to make a decision about where to live and decided to be closer to her adult children who live in Chicago and Columbus, Ohio. Beginning Fall 2015, Carol became the FCS teacher educator at Purdue University. Coming back full circle to Indiana, where she still had some wonderful professional connections. If left up to her, Carol would never have chosen to leave any of the places she called home as she tends to go "all in" once the boxes are unpacked. However, FCS networking has provided a cadre of friends and colleagues ready to welcome her to each new community and that is priceless.