i3: Inspiration--Innovation--Impact

What is i3: Inspiration-Innovation-Impact?

Similar to previous conferences' "Putting Research into Practice," i3 is a fast-paced session designed to share high impact ideas, outreach efforts, innovative programs and strategies, and/or creative collaborations focused on education, research, mentoring, and entrepreneurship.  Get ready to be inspired by your Family and Consumer Sciences colleagues!

i3 presentations will be presented for 25 minutes at a round table, while others present at the same time. Share your research and knowledge with other attendees in a low-pressure environment, conducive to discussion!

i3: Inspiration--Innovation--Impact will be held on Tuesday, June 26th, from 10:00am-12:00pm. A  more detailed schedule will be released in May. 

Submissions have closed and notifications have been sent out! Please contact us at annualconf@aafcs.org if you have not received notification. 

In addition to contact information for the submitter and any additional presenters, you will be asked the following questions: 

  • Please enter the title for your proposed session. Please ensure that your title represents your session as accurately as possible.

  • Please enter an accurate description of the content of your session. You have a character limit of 750.

  • Please list a basic outline of your presentation. Remember, your presentation will last for 20-25 minutes.

  • Please list three learning objectives for your session. 

  • Which of the three areas of emphasis does your session address or incorporate? (Inspiration, Innovation, or Impact)

  • Please briefly explain how your session will incorporate your selected area of emphasis. (500 characters)   

  • Content Area