"The AAFCS conference has a valuable mix of sessions for a variety of audiences (5-12, higher education, generalists, and specialists, etc.) and it provided me several options for professional development."

Anapama Pasricha
Co-Chair, Department of Family, Consumer and Nutritional Sciences
and Assistant Professor
St. Catherine University

Educational Objectives

Thank you for joining us in Bellevue! We look forward to seeing you next year in Dallas!

Participants in the AAFCS 107th Annual Conference will learn how to:

  • Incorporate advances in technology into programming that promotes wellness, supports individual engagement in healthy living and facilitates collaboration among family and consumer sciences professionals.
  • Implement effective strategies for improving the well-being of children and youth, focusing on nutrition, interpersonal relationships, financial literacy and early childhood education.
  • Create family and consumer sciences programs that enhance and support the environmental, mental, physical, social and financial aspects of healthy aging.
  • Utilize best practices in designing apparel, textiles and interiors to support healthy and active living for a variety of audiences.
  • Assess how finance-related attitudes, behaviors, and programs impact health and well-being.
  • Examine the relationship between mental, emotional and physical health and how they affect individuals, families and communities.