Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness…It’s Priceless:
Public Policy Deliberation Guide

AAFCS is pleased to announce the availability of a second set of materials for use with youths and adults who are eager to explore a timely public policy issue. The Financial Fitness…It’s Priceless materials were designed to assist citizens in deliberating public policy approaches to problems associated with poor financial literacy and lack of financial security. AAFCS members are encouraged to facilitate forums using these materials in their communities in coming months. It is hoped these forums will result in the identification of common ground regarding this issue and meaningful ways to take action. Members of an advisory board composed of personal finance-related experts employed by relevant external entities, as well as members of AAFCS, were consulted individually and collectively on numerous occasions during the development process. Their insights were invaluable to the process of analyzing the nature and scope of the problem of financial illiteracy. Equally important were their visions regarding possible solutions. Another deliberation guide sponsored by AAFCS, Sizing Up America, was used as a model, as were National Issues Forum materials published by the Charles F. Kettering Foundation.

Public Policy Deliberation Guide Documents