American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS)

JFCS Reviewers

Frances E. Andrews, CFCS, University of Montevallo
Sue Bailey, Tennessee Technological University
Patricia McAlister Bateman, CFCS, Eastern Illinois University
John J. Beasley, Georgia Southern University
Karen Bergh, Central Washinton State University
Sherry C. Betts, University of Arizona
Patricia Blundell, Chadron State College
Bonnie Braun, University of Maryland
Detri Brech, Ouachita Baptist University
Marlene R. Breu, Western Michigan University
Carol Byrd-Bredbenner, Rutgers University
Margaret J. Cantrell, Consultant
Wanda K. Cheek, Mississippi State University
Jo Carol Chezem, Ball State University
Nina L. Collins, CFCS, Bradley University
Ruth M. Conone, Consultant
Beverly J. Crabtree, Iowa State University
Dixie R. Crase, University of Memphis
Christy Crutsinger, University of North Texas
Pamela R. Cummings, University of Delaware
Zane D. Curry, Texas Tech University
Rochelle L. Dalla, University of Nebraska-Omaha
M. Catherine Daly, Consultant
Marian L. Davis, CFCS, Florida State University
Sharon Hoelscher-Day, University of Arizona Cooperative
Sharon A. DeVaney, CFCS, Purdue University
Julia M. Dinkins, Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
Marie M. Duryea, University of New Mexico
Linda E. Enders, Iowa State University
John W. Engel, CFCS, University of Hawaii
Karen M. Ensle, CFCS, Rutgers University
Sandra Lee Evenson, University of Idaho
Nancy C. Fain, University of Texas Southwestern
Cheryl A. Farr, Oklahoma State University
Ginny Felstehausen, Texas Tech University
Judith Cardona Forney, University of North Texas
Hazel W. Forsythe, CFCS, University of Kentucky
Linda K. Fox, University of Idaho
Yvonne S. Gentzler, Iowa State University
Charlotte Gorman, Texas Agricultural Cooperative Extension
Mary Harlan, University of Central Arkansas
Jana M. Hawley, University of North Texas
Joan E. Herwig, CFCS, Iowa State University
Tahira Hira, Iowa State University
Francine Hultgren, CFCS, University of Maryland
Hazel O. Jackson, California State University
Jacquelyn W. Jensen, CFCS, Eastern Kentucky University
Caryl Johnson, Eastern New Mexico University
Julie M. Johnson, CFCS, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Joyce Jones, Oklahoma State University
Stephen R. Jorgensen, University of Arkansas
Virginia W. Junk, University of Idaho
Leah Keino Kagima, Zayed University College of Family Sciences
Kim Kamin, Trinity High School
Carol E. Kellett, Kansas State University
Lisa Kennon, University of North Texas
Nancy M. Kingsbury, Georgia Southern University
Tammy R. Kinley, University of North Texas
Elizabeth Kiss, Purdue University
Patricia K. Knaub, Oklahoma State University
Linda D. Ladd, Texas A&M University
Catherine Leslie, Ohio State University
Rebecca Lovingood, Virginia Tech
Elizabeth D. Lowe, Queens College - C.U.N.Y.
Jean M. Lown, Utah State University
Nyambura Susan Maina, University of Maryland
Lakshmi Malroutu, Queens College
Trish C. Manfredi, CFCSUniversity of Massachusetts
Allen Martin, California State University, Northridge
Jennifer Martin, CFCS, Texas Woman's University
Lynda Martin, Oklahoma State University
Laura H. McArthur, East Carolina University
Patricia McCallister, Eastern Illinois University
Sue McGregor, Mount Saint Vincent University
Chris L. Medlin, Tidewater Community College
Carol B. Meeks, Iowa State University
Peggy S. Meszaros, CFCS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Julia R. Miller, Michigan State University
Bette Montgomery, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Cynthia Easterling Moore, University of Southern Mississippi
Tami Moore, University of Nebraska-Kearney
Jacqueline M. Newman, CFCS, Queens College
Joyce I. Nies, Texas A&M University
Barbara O'Neill, CFCS, Rutgers University
Sandy Osborne, CFCS, Montana State University
V. Ann Paulins, Ohio University
Susan L. Peterson, Consultant
Janet E. Phillips, Consultant
Mary J. Pickard, University of Idaho
Janet Pope, Louisana Tech University
Kathy Prochaska-Cue, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jane D. Reagor, University of Tennessee
Kathleen Rees, CFCS, Louisana State University
Mary Ann Remnet, Technology Training Consultant
Johnny Sue Reynolds, CFCS, University of North Texas
Virginia Richards, CFCS, Georgia Southern University
Jacquelyn Pugh Robinson, CFCS, Alabama Coop.Extension Auburn University
Judity C. Rodriguez, CFCS, University of North Florida
Jody L. Roubanis, CFCS, Point Loma University
Jan F. Scholl, CFCS, The Pennsylvania State Univesity
Pamela A. Schulze, University of Akron
Donna Sims, Fort Valley State College
Delores E. Smith, University of Tennessee
Frances Smith, Iowa State University
Leigh Southward, University of Arkansas
Phyllis R. Spruiell, CFCS, University of Montevallo
Barbara L. Stewart, CFCS, University of Houston
Janis Finley Stone, Iowa State University
Betty Stout, Texas Tech University
Richard F. Tas, University of North Texas
Patricia M. Tengel, University of Maryland
Joan S. Thomson, Penn State University
David J. Trayte, University of Idaho
Annemarie Walsh, University of the Incarnate Word
Brian Wansink, University of Illinois
Sue E. Williams, Oklahoma State University
Susan D. Witt, The University of Akron
Rita T. Wood, Rutgers Cooperative Extension
Cynthia B. Wright, Southern Utah University