The Proposal Submission System has closed--however, some events still have open submissions! Click here to learn more. 

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Planning Your Trip 

General Conference Information

What is the name of the 110th Annual Conference & Expo and when and where will the conference take place?

The 110th AAFCS Annual Conference & Expo will take place from June 23 to June 26, 2019, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Who should attend this conference?

The AAFCS Annual Conference is for anyone interested in and family and consumer sciences and related topics! Attendance is not limited to current FCS professionals or students—if you find the subject matter valuable, we want to see you in St. Louis! Input from people studying or working in all sorts of content areas and practice settings is what makes FCS such a valuable and important field. Learn more about family and consumer sciences here

Proposal Submissions

What is an Educational Session?

Educational Sessions include those sessions that were formerly known as Concurrent Sessions and Sessions of Special Interest. They must fit into one of five strands as well as one of three session learning formats. They offer value to the conference by means of education, information, or professional development to attendees.

What are strands?

Strands are similar to the educational tracks featured in previous years! You can learn more about strands here--please make sure to expand the Strands section!

How do you define “learning formats”?

All Educational Sessions must fall into one of three learning formats: lecture, panel, or experiential learning. Expand the "Learning Formats" heading on this page to learn more.
Read the FAQ and the Call for Concurrent Session Proposals. Please do not go online and begin working on a proposal if you believe you may abandon it, because even incomplete proposals are a financial burden for the Association. If you are sure that you want to submit after reading the FAQ and the Call for Concurrent Session Proposals, click here to submit!

All proposals* must be submitted through our online system. Please read the FAQ and the Calls for Proposals before you submit. When you're ready to submit, click on the button below! 

*Individuals who wish to submit proposals to present at the Community of Colleges, Universities, and Research (CUR) Research Poster Session; the Community of Colleges, Universities, and Research (CUR) Oral Research Presentation Session; the Assembly of Higher Education (AHE) Undergraduate Research Poster Session; the Council for Accreditation Faculty/Student Poster Presentations; the Community of Apparel, Textiles, and Design Juried Design Showcase and Exhibition; or the Community of Elementary, Secondary, and Adult Education Curriculum Showcase should NOT submit them through this system. Information on submitting individual proposals for these functions will be posted on the "Call for Other Event Guidelines"page.

The categories of proposals to be submitted online are Concurrent Sessions, Meal Functions, and Board and Business Meetings. Communities that sponsor showcases will be contacted by staff for setup information. i3: Inspiration—Innovation—Impact will have a separate online submission system that will open in December.

Who decides what is in the conference program?

All sessions are evaluated based on merit by qualified reviewers, and Educational Sessions are blind-reviewed. Proposal submitters will be informed of their proposal's status by January 2019. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Sara Tantillo at annualconf@aafcs.org

If your committee is interested in having a business meeting, choose the board or business meeting category. AAFCS will NOT schedule any community or committee meetings if they are not submitted.  Workshops that are being proposed by AAFCS Communities or Committees should be submitted as Concurrent Sessions within the relevant strand.  If your Community would like to hold a ticketed meal function, please submit in the meal function category. Remember, every ticketed meal must have an educational component and fall within one of the strands.

The proposal submission system is open now and will close on October 16th.  Proposal submitters will be informed of their proposal’s status by January 2018.

In general, you should be prepared to answer questions about two areas— the presenters involved and the session itself. Before you begin submitting your proposal(s) online, click here for Concurrent Sessions, here for Board or Business Meetings, and here for Meal Functions to learn what information you will need!  

Do I hold an AAFCS credential?

You hold a credential if you took an AAFCS competency exam, passed the exam, paid a fee, and continue to pay a maintenance fee and report the required number of Professional Development Units (PDUs). AAFCS offers one broad field credential and four concentration credentials in family and consumer sciences:

  • CFCS - Certified in Family and Consumer Sciences
  • CFCS-HDFS - Certified in Human Development and Family Studies
  • CFCS-HNFS - Certified in Hospitality, Nutrition, and Food Science
  • CPFFE - Certified Personal and Family Finance Educator
  • CNWE - Certified Nutrition and Wellness Educator

Those who would like to obtain one of these credentials should sign up to take a competency exam, pass the exam, and pay a fee.

*A credential category called CFCS-Retired, is available to those who are already certified. Individuals who meet the AAFCS eligibility requirements to be classified as “retired” may opt for the “retired” category of CFCS professionals. 

For more information on obtaining and maintaining AAFCS credentials, contact the FCS Credentialing Center at 703-706-4600, 800-424-8080, or certification@aafcs.org.

What is the “order of presenters”?

Typically, the proposal submitter will list the names in an order that reflects each person’s contribution to the presentation; i.e., the first name listed is the name of the person who has contributed most to the presentation. The order of presenters will not affect the acceptance of the proposal for presentation—the reviewers will not be seeing the names of the presenters. The information is requested only because it will be used in the program book.

What furniture will be in each presentation room?

The theater set-up is theater style with a skirted head table for the number of listed presenters and a materials table at the rear of the room. If you would prefer, you may choose rounds for 8-10 people, a skirted head table for the number of listed presenters, and a materials table at the rear of the room; or you may choose a conference set-up, which is one table surrounded by chairs. You may also choose a special set-up and describe it. Sessions that require multiple rooms, room set changes, or extra furniture may incur labor and/or furniture rental charges. We anticipate that the assessment of fees will occur rarely, if at all. The final determination about these fees will be made in May 2019, and proposal submitters will be notified if fees are to be charged. AAFCS cannot guarantee that the selected room setup will be provided, but we will take your request into consideration.

What AV will be in each presentation room?

The standard set of AV equipment is an electrical cart and screen and podium or table microphone if a microphone is deemed necessary. AAFCS will be providing LCD projectors to most if not all sessions—the determination will be made in January 2019.  Equipment such as laser pointers, laptops, overhead projectors, speakers, flipcharts, and TV/VCRs are NOT part of the standard set. If any of this non-standard equipment is needed, you may bring your own equipment into the hotel or rent equipment from the AV company contracting with the Association for the conference. The AV rental form will be available here.
Yes, spaces count toward the character count.
Concurrent Sessions will be no longer than one hour. If you would like to submit a pre-conference workshop or a session that needs to be longer than one hour, please submit as a Concurrent Session and note that in the comments section. Luncheons will be no longer than one-and-one-quarter hours; breakfasts will be no longer than one hour; dinners will be no longer than two hours. Board and business meetings are generally set at one hour, but may be extended upon request based on availability.

I am only available to present one day of the conference. Who do I talk to about this?

In order to present, you must be available to present on any day of the conference (June 24th, 25th, or 26th) because the conference schedule is subject to change. The Program-at-a-Glance is available here. Please contact staff at annualconf@aafcs.org with any questions or requests.
Spelling and grammatical errors will result in a lower score, and there are no grammar check functions available in the online system. Proposal submitters may prefer to develop the proposal in a word processing program, where grammar and spelling can be checked more easily before the proposal is copied and pasted into the online system.

The online system allows you to begin a proposal, save it, and come back to it as often as needed. When you are finished with your proposal, submit it by clicking on the "Finalize" button. Make sure that you do not see an error message listing required fields that are still empty. Otherwise, your proposal will be listed as incomplete when the deadline for proposal submission has passed. Although you do not need to complete your proposal when you first create it, please keep in mind that even incomplete proposals are an unnecessary expense for the Association.

When you begin working on your proposal once the system opens, you will first see a screen of submission instructions. Please read these thoroughly. Next you will be asked questions about the proposal itself. After you answer these questions, you will be asked for a little information about yourself (the submitter). Then, you may or may not answer questions about presenters, depending on the type of proposal you are submitting:

  • Concurrent Session: You should continue to the Presenter tab and enter all presenter information, including yours, if you are a presenter.
  • Board or Business Meeting: You will not be asked questions about presenters, as presenters are not listed in the annual conference program book or app for meetings. 
  • Meal Function: You should continue to the Presenter tab and enter all presenter information for the educational component of your meal function.
Share your user name and password with your co-presenters. If they log in as you, they will have access to the proposal until October 16th at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. For your online security, remember to use a password that you do NOT use on other accounts.
If you are having a technical problem and wish to contact technical support while working on your proposal, click on a link (in the upper, right-hand corner of your proposal) called "Support." A pop-up window will appear. Complete the form that is in the pop-up window and click on the submit button. Technical support is open from 9am to 5pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. You may also contact Sara Tantillo at 703-706-4612 or annualconf@aafcs.org with questions.
Proposals can be saved in the online system and edited until October 16th at 11:59:59pm Eastern Time. To save your work at any time, click on "Save." Once you have completed your proposal, click on "Save" and make sure you do not see an error message that indicates there are required fields that have been left blank. If there are not any errors, click "Review" to look over your proposal, and if there is nothing to edit, click "Finalize." Please note that even submitted proposals can be edited until October 16th at 11:59:59pm Eastern Time. Proposals that have not been submitted by then and marked "Finalized" are considered incomplete.
It is not too late. You can make changes even to your submitted proposals by logging onto the online system. You can do this as often as needed between the opening and closing dates.
The Reference ID number is found near the top left-hand corner of your proposal. It is a unique number assigned only to your proposal, and helps us locate your proposal if you have questions about it. Be careful not to confuse the Reference ID number with other identifying numbers, such as your AAFCS member ID.

What if I need to change the email address I used when completing my proposal?

In the contact information section of your proposal, you will be asked for an email address that is checked regularly. The email that you provide will be used to contact you, and, if you present at the 110th Annual Conference, may be printed in a presenter directory. Please ensure that this is an email address that will be checked on a regular basis, including during extended school breaks. If your email address is changed, or you feel you entered an inappropriate one, please contact us at annualconf@aafcs.org to update. 

When will I be notified of the outcome of the selection process and will everybody listed as a presenter be notified?

A message was sent ONLY to submitters on January 17th. If you did not receive an email, please check your spam or contact us at annualconf@aafcs.org. The proposal submitter is considered the main contact person and is responsible for notifying all other participants of acceptance, rejection, scheduling, and any other information provided by AAFCS. Please email us at annualconf@aafcs.org with any questions.

Will I be able to continue accessing the online proposal system after the deadline has passed so that I know what information I provided?

After the online proposal system has closed, you cannot access the system. The system will open for edits briefly in February. Please email us at annualconf@aafcs.org with questions.
Yes! Submissions are open for several other events, all of which can be found here.


How do I register for conference?

Click here to learn everything you need to know about how to register! You will need your MyAAFCS login information--make sure to use the retrieve password link if you're not sure if you have a MyAAFCS account!

I need a copy of the registration form to show to my employer--where can I find that?

There is a sample form available here for your reference.

However, all registration is online—you will need to log into your MyAAFCS account or create one. (if you’ve ever purchased anything from AAFCS, you have an account—contact us at annualconf@aafcs.org if you’re unsure)  If you do not have the ability to register online due to internet or computer access problems, please call Sara at 703-706-4612. Click here to learn more.

Can I register on paper?

AAFCS does not offer a paper registration form at this time. We may make limited exceptions for registrants whose employers require a paper form or for emeritus members with no internet access. Please contact us at annualconf@aafcs.org with requests.

Can I register on behalf of someone else?

If you need to register on behalf of several professors, teachers, or students please contact us directly at annualconf@aafcs.org.

I won an award/have a complimentary registration/am supposed to receive a discount, how do I register?

Distinguished Service Award Winners, FCSRJ Best Paper Award Winners, First-Time 50-Year Members, and Leadership Academy Participants will see their special rates when they click on the registration link and log in. If you are expecting a different type of discount and have not already received instructions from your contact person at AAFCS, contact us at annualconf@aafcs.org before registering.

Must presenters register for the conference?

All presenters whose sessions are accepted must register for the conference at the full or one-day rate. Presenters and speakers do NOT qualify for the family/guest registration or expo-only registration options. Presenters for meal functions who will not be attending the rest of conference do not have to register, but must purchase a meal ticket.

What is a Family/Guest Registration?

Family/Guest registrations include the Tuesday Continental Breakfast. Tickets must be purchased for guests for the Sunday Welcome Reception and Wednesday Capstone Luncheon. People with a Family/Guest registration may attend the Opening General Session, the Expo, and any sessions the primary registrant is presenting. They may also attend one or two additional sessions to learn more about FCS. We ask that if attendees plan to attend all sessions that they purchase a Full or One-Day registration.

Family/Guest registrations may only be purchased with a Full or One-Day registration, and are not valid for presenters.

Who is eligible for a Student Registration?

Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for the Student Registration rate. As well, students who will be graduating in 2019 are eligible, even if graduation is prior to Annual Conference. 

If 6 or more students are attending from your university (undergrad or graduate), you are eligible for the Student Group Discount! Once all students have registered, one representative should contact us at annualconf@aafcs.org, and $20 will be removed from each student's registration rate.

What are the registration rates and who are the conference speakers?

Learn more about registration pricing here--registration is open now! Click here to learn about our keynote speakers, and check out the preliminary Program at a Glance here.

What is included in my conference registration?

All Full and Student registrations include the Sunday Welcome Reception, Tuesday Continental Breakfast, and Wednesday Capstone Luncheon. Monday-Only registrations include the Sunday Welcome Reception; Tuesday, Family/Guest, and Expo-Only registrations include the Tuesday Continental Breakfast; and Wednesday-Only registrations include the Capstone Luncheon. If you will be attending with a complimentary or other special type of registration, please refer to the information sent to you by AAFCS for included meals and events.

I need AAFCS to fill out a form for my employer--who should I contact?

We’re happy to fill out any form your employer requires. Our W-9 is here, and you can email us at annualconf@aafcs.org to fill out any other forms. You may also fax us at 703-706-4663—however, email is checked more frequently and we suggest that if you do fax that you email to let us know.


Are there discounts on registration available?

We do not offer a discount on registration at this time, other than the student group rate (click here for more on that). You can save  by registering before the May 31st Advance Deadline, or by purchasing a membership with your registration if you are a nonmember! 

Our ROI toolkit can help show your employer the value of the AAFCS Annual Conference, and we have some resources for getting funding here.

We also have discounts for different methods of travel, and a discounted rate for our hotel


How do I cancel my registration?

Registrations must be cancelled in writing, by email to annualconf@aafcs.org or by mail to AAFCS, Attn: Annual Conference, 400 N. Columbus St., Suite 202, Alexandria, VA 22314. The conference cancellation and refund policy is located here, and applies to all registration purchases including those that have not yet been paid for. When you registered, you selected an answer indicating that you agreed to this policy.

Planning Your Trip

In what time zone is St. Louis, Missouri located?

St. Louis is located in the Central Time Zone.

Where is the hotel? Do I have to stay there?

The hotel is the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch, and it’s located right next to the Gateway Arch at 315 Chestnut St., St. Louis, MO 63102. You are not required to stay at the hotel; however, staying at the hotel at the special discounted AAFCS conference rate does help AAFCS, so we certainly hope that you will! Plus, there are so many benefits to staying in the conference hotel—book at our special rate and learn more here.

How do I get to the hotel?

St. Louis Lambert International Airport is just 20-30 minutes from the Hyatt by taxi or ride share (ride share rates are approximately $30). You can also take the MetroLink Light Rail Red Line, to the 8th and Pine station.

Coming by train? St. Louis’s Amtrak station is the Gateway Transportation Center, which is a quick bus ride or light rail trip to the 8th and Pine stop.

Driving? St. Louis is easy to reach by car! I-70, I-64, I-55, and I-44 all get you to the city. Self-parking is $29/day (plus tax) at the hotel, but there are several nearby garages at lower rates—Mansion House is $18/day, and Kiener East Garage is $20/day. As well, if you’re willing to travel a bit further, there are several airport lots, with rates from $7-$15 daily—and from the airport, you can take the MetroLink to the hotel.

Can children attend?

Children are welcome! We ask that no children under 15 enter the expo hall or attend sessions unaccompanied. We also ask that you use your judgment regarding whether your child is being disruptive and be cognizant of your child’s safety. Note: Before signing up your child for an educational excursion, please contact AAFCS at annualconf@aafcs.org to confirm that children are welcome at off-site locations.

Infants are welcome to attend any session, and parents are welcome to nurse anywhere at the AAFCS Annual Conference. As well, we will have a lactation room where parents can pump, nurse, or just have some quiet time with their baby. If you’d like to take advantage of this room, please make sure to note that when you register.

What is the dress code for the Annual Conference?

In general, the dress code is business casual. We recommend wearing layers—hotels can get cold! As well, please remember that you’ll be doing some walking—we recommend comfortable shoes. Several events have different dress codes—we suggest “semi-formal” for the National Coalition for Black Development in Family & Consumer Sciences Banquet and for the Awards Dinner.

I have a disability; how will you accommodate me?

Please make sure to note your disability or, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing, the accommodations you will need in the Special Needs section when you register. The Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch is ADA compliant, and we want to make sure everyone is able to get the most out of our conference! Accommodations AAFCS has made in the past include large-print programs, ramps to the stage, and reserved seating; please let us know how we can help.

What is your policy against harassment?

Please click here and expand the harassment policy section to learn more! We take attendees' safety and comfort very seriously, and all participants in the Annual Conference must agree to the harassment policy to attend.

Where will future conferences take place?

Unable to join us in St. Louis? Plan for 2020-2022! Our goal when booking these three years was to save you money—save the dates today and stay tuned for room and registration rates!   

  • 2020: Hyatt Regency Baltimore, Baltimore, MD June 26th-28th 
  • 2021: Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN June 25th-27th
  • 2022: DoubleTree by Hilton at SeaWorld, Orlando, FL June 25th-27th