2020 AAFCS Virtual Conference Presenters

The Virtual Conference offers more than 45 Professional Development sessions and 90+ speakers! See who is presenting this year:

Content Strand Presenters

AAFCS Certification, a Powerful Tool (Gregg McCullough, CFCS; Lois Lewis, CFCS, CPFFE)

Affiliate Bylaws: How Your Vision Can Lead to Success! (Nicholas Zimmerman, CFCS, Bev Card, CFCS)

Baking Ingredient Myths and Science (Sharon Davis, Courtney Gaine)

Beyond Talk: Active Classroom Strategies to Address Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Global Issues (Sharleen Kato, CFCS-HDFS; Raedene Copeland)

Breaking Out of Financial Ruin! (Ann Schuchart, Mia Russell, Crystal Terhume)

Bringing All the Assessment Data Together (Brenda Martin, Linda Fox, Amy Yates)

Building the Foundation for Early Childhood Education (Marie Economos, Heather Riester)

Charting a Course to Navigate a Brand New World—Working With Generation Z! (Karen Alexander, CFCS; Twyla Hough, Coree Perez, Dylan Hinkle, Shawnte Clawson, Jamie Molina)

Converging Academic & Social Communities: Applying a Human Sciences Lens to Peer Mentoring for Student Success (Brittany Fish, CFCS)

Community of Colleges, Universities, and Research (CUR) and Assembly of Higher Education (AHE) Oral Research Presentations #1: College Students: Still Struggling with the Basics Despite Employment and Financial Assistance (Amy Harden (Moderator), Mary Catherine Fontenot)

Community of Colleges, Universities, and Research (CUR) and Assembly of Higher Education (AHE) Oral Research Presentations #2:  Impact of Perceived Value on Sportswear Brand Loyalty among Millennial College Students: Self-Image as a Mediator (Amy Harden (Moderator), Jane Opiri)

Community of Colleges, Universities, and Research (CUR) and Assembly of Higher Education (AHE) Oral Research Presentations #1:  Increasing Mental Health Wellness in Rural United States Counties by Growing Community Engagement (Amy Harden (Moderator), Michelle Krehbiel)

Community of Colleges, Universities, and Research (CUR) and Assembly of Higher Education (AHE) Oral Research Presentations #2:  Using Eye-Tracking Technology to Measure Children’s Response to Friendly Human-Animal Interaction (Amy Harden (Moderator), Gesulla Cavanaugh)

Diversity Matters: Leading From the Heart (Candice Carter, Wanda Figueroa Fuentes, Jacqueline Holland, CFCS-HDFS; Michael Holman, John Jacob, Mia Russell, Lorna Saboe-Wounded Head, CPFFE)

Early Independence and the Transition to College Among Homeless and Foster Youth (Diann Moorman, Kim Skobba, David Meyer)

Empowering Youth to Make Effective Change (Misty Harmon)

Engaging Students Visually With Unforgettable Demonstrations (Mary Rapoport, CFCS)

FCS Engagement=Excitement, Energy & Empowerment (Marilyn Swierk, CFCS-Retired)

Helping Low and Moderate Income Families with Their Finances: A Toolkit for FCS Educators (Barbara O’Neill, CFCS, CPFFE)

Integrating Leadership Soft Skills Into Your FCS Program (Denise Bodart DuBois)

Measuring the Success of Work-Based Learning Experiences in Family & Consumer Sciences (Cindy Miller, CFCS, CPFFE)

Meeting the Challenges: Addiction Recovery Through Financial Empowerment Coaching (Margaret Jenkins, Caezilia Loibl, Misty Harmon)

Practicing FCS Teachers' Advice for New FCS Teachers (Debbie Handy, CFCS)

Smart Strategies for Financially Savvy Youth  (Leslie Jones)

Struggling Student Teachers: Interventions for Support & Success (Sheree Moser)

Student Unit 101: A Overview of the SU and Opportunities ( Joshua Eddinger-Lucero, CFCS; Landon Calderwood, Toni Wiese, Sadie Hooker, Jake Connor)

Successful Career in Higher Education: Productivity Metrics (Barbara Stewart, CFCS; Bronwyn Fees, Brenda Martin, Amy Harden, Lucy Delgadillo)

That's A Good Question (Susan Turgeson, CFCS)

The Value of MoneySKILL® in Your Classroom (Rhonda Ashburn, CFCS; Barbara O'Neill, CFCS, CPFFE; Olivia DiBiase)

Twenty Financial Planning Tips for Lifelong Professionals (Barbara O’Neill, CFCS, CPFFE)

Why and How New Generations Bake and Apply Baking Food Safety in Homes, Communities and Careers (Chris Clark, Sharon Davis, Charlene Patton)

Work and Work-Based Learning Programs are a Gift: Remove the Gift Wrap (Louise Tallent, CFCS)

IGNITE 2020 Presenters

Apparel, Textiles, and Design Showcase and Awarding Best of Show - Professional Category (Farrell Doss; Debbie Johnson, CFCS)
Apparel, Textiles, and Design Showcase and Awarding Best of Show - Student Category Farrell Doss; Debbie Johnson, CFCS()
Consideration of Publication Outlets:  Analysis of Highly Ranked Journals (Amy Harden; Alice Spangler)
Culinary Entrepreneurship: Food Trucks in FCS (Krysten Dane)
From Mobile Market to the Classroom (Rebecca Hardeman)
Getting Students to Explore their Creativity through Word Videos (Tammy Robinson)
Increasing Physical Activity & Social Interactions between Students, Staff, and Faculty Members (Amanpreet Kaur)
Integrating Evidence-Based Programs into Family and Consumer Sciences Educational Programming (Sarah Smith)
Journey to Professional Success:  Students, New Graduates, and Emerging Professionals (Student Unit Officers)
Mastery of Money for Students by Adam Carroll (Kaitlyn Lyders)
Publishing FCS Scholarship and Meeting Your Needs: Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences (Scott Hall)
Retail Panic and Pandemic: Consumer and Supply Chain Responses (Barbara Stewart)
Sustainable Development: What Can and Should FCS Do? (Virginia Vincenti)
The New Nutrition Facts Label: A Guide for Educators (Maya Maroto)
Unravelling the Hidden Hungers of Low Income Minority Women Living in Deprivation (Charmaine Browne)
Using Spent's Online Simulations to Teach About Poverty to Undergraduate FCS Family Resource Management Students (Jessica Parks)
Weaving Sustainability into the Clothing and Textiles Undergraduate Curriculum (Lombusa Khoza)
Why You Should Apply to the 2021 AAFCS Leadership Academy (Lisa Brooks)
Your Money Your Goals:  On-line Mini Lessons (Mackenzie Smith, Lorna Saboe-Wounded Head, CPFFE)

Need to Know Info!

Your Registration

We request that speakers are fully registered for 2020 AAFCS Virtual Conference. The deadline to register is June 23rd.

Your Permission

AAFCS will be recording the educational sessions during the 2020 Virtual Conference with speaker permission. These recordings may capture one or more of the following elements: PowerPoint presentation slides, audio of presenters and participants, video of presenters and participants, and/or still photographs of presenters and participants.  Full credit to the speaker will be given.

This note serves as a reminder that you already granted permission for the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences to disseminate recordings of you which may be captured during the Virtual Conference, June 25-26, 2020.

This covers the use of all information and materials collected in any published form and any media until June 25, 2021. 

Your Presentation and Handouts/Materials

If you are sharing the presentation and/or additional resources/handouts (in PDF) for session attendees, it is your responsibility to upload these to the conference library no later than June 19, 2020.


Presenter/ Moderator Guidelines

Helpful Tips from Zoom! and TED Masterclass

Short article: Zoomtopia: 10 Zoom Tips and Tricks You May Not Know
Short article: Best Practice Tips for Using Zoom
Short article: 5 essential preparation steps for a successful presentation

Guidelines for Presenters and Moderators (of a Panel Session):
    1. Build Rapport- smile and allow introductions; create a warm, supportive, and comfortable environment.

    2. Be an Active Listener- focus on what is being said; use respondent comments as you paraphrase/summarize; nod your head; lean forward as you listen.

    3. Remain Neutral yet Involved- maintain objectivity both verbally and non-verbally; remember 80:20 rule- the participants talk 80% of the time and the moderator 20%.

    4. Be Flexible- adapt to the flow of the discussion; remain open to changes in the moderator’s guide; adjust to client’s requests during the group; change your physical behavior-sit, stand, or walk around the room.

    5. Use the “5-second Pause” and “Probe” Techniques- ask clear questions and pause for consumers’ responses; probe for more information/ clarity of comments- avoid asking why.

    6. Acknowledge and Respect- recognize each participant throughout the focus group session; respect various points of view, and emphasize respect among the group.

    7. Practice good Organization/Management Skills- practice the guide, prepare for the unexpected; keep the discussion moving, focused, and within the established timeframe.

    8. Have Knowledge of the Topic- basic information on the subject helps in probing areas for more in-depth discussion; demonstrate a degree of naïveté.

    9. Be Enthusiastic and Attentive- have a high energy level; pay attention to participants- recognize group dynamics.

    10. Have a Sense of Humor- laughter keeps the group relaxed, encourages sharing of information, and helps the moderator maintain a human connection.

Participant Guidelines

Conference Library

All registered participants can access session materials (handouts, resources, etc.) in your MyAAFCS account, which is i
n the Communities section and located under: 2020 Virtual Conference.

Key Reminders

1. Please download the Zoom app in order to get the best attendee participant possible.

2. Please keep your audio settings on mute when entering a session as a courtesy to the presenter(s).

3. Every General Session, Breakout Session, IGNITE 2020 Session, Awards session will have a room moderator/host assigned should you need technical assistance; check the Chat Box for the Room Host to send a private message for assistance.

Email your questions to Sandra Andrade at

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