Research Poster Session

During the Virtual Conference, registered attendees can view the Virtual Posters during scheduled time slots in the program or following the event. While there is no interactive component during the Virtual Conference, the registered attendees may provide (add) comments or pose questions related to the research within the online platform.

Community of Colleges, Universities and Research (CUR) Poster Presentations

Poster # Title Presenter (*Corresponding Author)


Compassion Fatigue and Burnout amongst CTE Teachers

Nicole A. Graves*, PhD, CFCS and Laura Hasselquist, PhD (South Dakota State University)

CUR 2 Artifact Analysis for Beginners: Removing a Barrier to Using University Historic Dress Collections

Hae Jin Gam* (University of North Texas) and Jennifer Banning (Illinois State University)

CUR 3 Fair Labor Association’s Social Audits: Analysis of the Apparel/Footwear Suppliers’ from India

Geetika Jaiswal (North Carolina A&T State University)


Financial Education Guide to Re-Entry

Priscilla Graves, University of Maryland Extension

CUR 5 Using the A-C-V Model to Understand Motivations for Consumption of Collaborative Designed Ethnic Dress Among African Immigrant Women

Jane Opiri* (University of Arkansas Pine Bluff) and Casey Stannard (Louisiana State University)

CUR 6 The Consumption Pattern of Subsidized Income Household and the Propensity to Save

Michael Elonge (University of Maryland Extension, University of Maryland College Park)
CUR 7 Impact of Nutrition Education in Pennsylvania’s Secondary Schools on Nutrition Knowledge of University Freshman

Michelle Tweardy*, Dr. Nicole Clark, Jodie Seybold (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) and Dr. Gary Clark (Slippery Rock University)

CUR 8 Can Social Support Protect Against Adolescent Dating Violence Victimization? An Examination of Family, Friend, and School Support

Sarah Smith* and Jennifer Doty (University of Florida) and Dorothy Espelage (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
CUR 9 Family Dynamics Associated with Prevention of Elder Family Financial Exploitation by Family-Member Power-of-Attorney Agents

Virginia Vincenti, CFCS* and Bernard Steinman (University of Wyoming)
CUR 10 Measuring the relationship between where you live and what you eat: A study of consumer and community nutrition environments.

La-Tonya Dixon (Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University)
CUR 11 Using Eye-Tracking Technology to Measure Children’s Response to Friendly Human-Animal Interaction Gesulla Cavanaugh*, Cristina Llerena Law, Vanessa Johnson, Leanne Boucher, Terry Morrow Nelson (Nova Southeastern University); Nurit Sheinberg (Mailman Segal Center for Human Development); Mark A. Epstein (Nicklaus Children’s Hospital)

CUR 12 Impact of Perceived Value on Sportswear Brand Loyalty among Millennial College Students: Self-Image as a Mediator Jane Opiri* (University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff); Delisia Matthews (North Carolina State University), and Joseph Otundo (University of Arkansas at Little Rock)

CUR 13 College Students: Still Struggling with the Basics Despite Employment and Financial Assistance Mary Catherine Fontenot (Louisiana Tech University)

Collegiate Assembly Faculty/Student Poster Presentations

Assessment is a priority in higher education and it may focus on student outcomes; mission and program goals of a college, department, or program; an individual course; capstone experience; or other activities and events. These posters are a result of collaboration between a faculty member and student. It may come from a course or research project that fosters student growth. A poster MUST include both a faculty member and student functioning as co-authors and must be associated with an AAFCS accredited unit.

Poster # Title Institution Authors

CA 1

Flaws in the Foster Care System

Louisiana Tech University Hailey Buckles, Deidre Harper, Alison Lau, Carolyn Reggio, Abigail Parish

Faculty:  Ethel G. Jones, CFCS

CA 2

Reverse It!: Computer Fashion Illustration to Disney Costume Design

Morgan State University

December Smith

Faculty:  LaPorchia Davis

Assembly of Higher Education Undergraduate Student Poster Presentations

The undergraduate student posters are coordinated by the Assembly of Higher Education.  The research and/or course project  should focus on:  Advocacy & collaboration, leadership & association engagement, educational tools & resources, research & scholarship, and trends & innovations in the content areas of: Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism; Education and Training; Food Science and Nutrition; Health Management and Wellness; Housing and Interior Design; Human/Child Development and Family Relations; Personal and Family Finance; and Textiles, Apparel, and Retailing.

Poster # Title Institution Authors
AHE 1 Assessment of Community Outreach:  DesignHER Code Camps University of Houston Sydney Morgan

Faculty: Barbara Stewart, CFCS; Susan Schroeder; Susan Miertschin; and Carole Goodson