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Rescheduled _ Fall Meeting and Workshops November 5, 2020

Rescheduled~Connecticut Affiliate Fall Meeting & Workshops 2020
When:  Fall Meeting and Workshops
November 5, 2020
More info will be coming.  See your newsletter for the latest.
Perfect Vision in 2020
The AAFCS/CT Affiliate has the place to learn and be involved in an informative networking event. Please join us -It is the perfect place to connect with educators,
allied professionals and students. The goal is to focus on advocacy, trends and impacts of critical issues that shape our world today.  For planning purposes, the workshops,
meeting registration and dinner fee will range from $75 to $95. The planning committee is finalizing the program specifics. Details will be forthcoming in an upcoming Newsletter. This is a venue to exchange information, share best practices from multiple perspectives to discover the 2020 Visions of FCS!





CT/AAFCS Conference Registration Form

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