Webinar: Transforming Loss - When Grief Comes to School

When:  Oct 18, 2018 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM (ET)
October is Emotional Wellness Month!  Nearly one-third of Americans face an emotional challenge each month.  Knowing how to handle your feelings and express your emotions in an appropriate way is key to emotional health.  Research supports the connection between emotional health and overall health.  Year 3 of the FCSfit initiative focuses on social and emotional wellness for healthy relationships. 

One out of every 20 children aged fifteen and younger will suffer the loss of one or both parents.  One in 5 children will experience the death of someone close to them by age 18.  One in every 1,500 secondary school students dies each year.  Teachers are in a unique position to assist grieving children; however, preparation to meet this need is not typically provided in preservice or inservice training



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