Affiliates and Related Orgs

"Dining In" for Related Orgs

In addition to the general suggestions on how to participate in Family & Consumer Sciences Day, there are many more specific ways that affiliates and related organizations can promote this special event! 

  1. Follow AAFCS on FacebookTwitter, and/or Instagram and share our content with your social media followers. Be sure we know of your social media accounts so we can follow you too!
  2. Post original "Dining In" posts on your social media sites. Here are some examples.
  3. Include the Family & Consumer Sciences Day flyer in your communications pieces or pass it out at affiliate meetings.
  4. Email your members and encourage them to "Dine In" on December 3rd! If they list your affiliate on the form (under "how did you hear about this"), you'll be in the running to be one of our top five referring organizations!
  5. Highlight healthy food preparation resources you've already created.
  6. Download our proclamation template and customize it for your location. Then send it to your public official.
  7. Customize the press release template to share how your organization celebrated and send to local media.