Secondary Education

"Dining In" for Secondary Ed

In addition to the general suggestions on how to participate in Family & Consumer Sciences Day, there are many more specific ways that family and consumer sciences secondary education professionals can promote this special event! 

  1. Use the lesson plan and materials provided for FCCLA@TheTable at Take the FCCLA pledge!
  2. Ask your students to “Dine In” on December 3rd! Give "Dining In" stickers to all who commit.
  3. Hang a “Dining In” poster in your classroom and/or where other students can see it.
  4. Print “Dining In” flyers for your students to take home.
  5. Share information about Family & Consumer Sciences Day with school publications.
  6. Ask students to share their favorite family recipes and suggest ways to make them healthier.
  7. Create a class cookbook (print or digital).
  8. Use “Dining In” as a way to discuss similarities and differences across cultures.
  9. Prepare simple, healthy meals in your food lab prior to Family & Consumer Sciences Day.
  10. Ask those who are in charge of the school lunch menu to include FCS Day on the December menu.
  11. Create and sell "family meal packs." Decide on a simple, healthy meal that you and your students can prepare and families can order in advance. Set up a pick time. Families pick up meals and warm and serve the meal at home with their family. Provide conversation starters or games.
  12. Customize our proclamation template and ask your principal/superintendent to declare Family & Consumer Sciences Day at your school/in your school district!
  13. Customize the press release template to share how your school celebrated and send to local media.

Please feel free to be creative and come up with ideas that work for best for your school or community.  If you’d like to share your ideas with us, email