Social Media

Social Media Post Examples



  • At [insert school here] we’re committing to Dining In for Healthy Families with @aafcs for #FCSday! Commit here!
  • Check out [class/teacher]’s #HealthyFamSelfie with [her/his] class for #FCSday! 
  • [number] students & teachers at [school] have committed to Dine In with their families-what are you waiting for?
  • We’re supporting @aafcs and Dining In for Healthy Families on 12/3—learn more about #FCSday here!
  • What are you making for #FCSday? @aafcs has a ton of recipes and resources on their Pinterest boards—check it out!
  • [company] is committing to Dine In on #FCSday-what about you? Commit today!
  • [Company/school] is Dining In for #FCSday because _________. Join us and commit here!