FCSfit Your Event!

FCSfit Your Event!

Heard of "Sneaky Wellness"?

Research from the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) shows there is a divide between wellness practices that planners would like to include in their meetings and what their budgets or management will allow. "Sneaky Wellness" is a phrase coined that shows ways to conquer that divide.

Among the wellness practices meeting planners are using in their programs, according to the new IRF research:

  • The top standard preferred food & beverage wellness inclusions for meetings and events were healthy snacks (83%), water and reduced calorie drinks (82%) and fish, chicken and lean meats (80%)
  • Smoke-free facilities (90%) and free access to fitness facilities (80%) were the top-ranked standard or preferred meeting design elements supporting wellness
  • Offering water and reduced calorie drinks as the default (77%) had the lowest expected impact on F&B budgets.

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