"FCSfit" Your Workplace or Campus!

"FCSfit" Your Workplace or Campus!

Check out these great tips from our friends at Realityworks on ways you can incorporate fitness into group settings!

10 Ways Your Company Can Become FCSfit
On behalf of Realityworks SWAT Committee

Realityworks is an experiential learning technology company of over 60 employees based in Eau Claire, WI. Realitywork’s culture promotes the importance of safety and wellness for their entire employee body. The Safety and Wellness Advocacy Team (SWAT) committee is comprised of employees from multiple departments coming together to promote the team’s mission of ‘supporting employees in making healthy and safe choices within their work and home lives’. Realityworks is on the path to becoming FCSfit and you can join them. Below is just an example of activities the Realityworks’ SWAT committee has organized and provided to their entire employee base. These activities can easily be incorporated into your work setting to become FCSfit.

  1. Water Challenge – Supplied the entire company water bottles and encouraged everyone to increase their water intake by 25%.
  2. Walk Across the Country Challenge – Encouraged employees to log walking or running miles for 4 weeks. The miles were plotted on a map with goals of reaching employees across the country. 
  3. RealActive Reimbursements – Provided registration reimbursement of $20 and a t-shirt to an employee who participated in a walk/run/bike event or any other physical event that required a registration fee.
  4. First Aid/CPR Training -- Provided an opportunity for all employees to receive First Aid/CPR Training. Participants were then recognized to the employee base as contact people in case of an emergency. 
  5. Safety Checks – Encouraged and rewarded employees who checked the effectiveness of their carbon monoxide and smoke alarms in their homes.
  6. Health Checks- Encouraged and rewarded employees who organized and completed their yearly health physicals for themselves and significant others.
  7. Gym Reimbursements- Reimbursed gym membership fees for employees and their significant other when they attended the gym a twelve times in a month.
  8. Walking Tracks – Created indoor and outdoor walking tracks for employees to utilize during their breaks and lunches.
  9. Blackout Bingo – Created and distributed a bingo board to employees containing health and safety items to complete for each square. Once the card was complete, the participant received a $5 gift certificate and then an additional opportunity win a larger prize, such as a FitBit or yoga starter kit.
  10. On the Move Challenge – Employees participated as a team against other nationwide companies for 12 weeks to earn points for simply moving. Employees not only received opportunities to win weekly drawing, but collectively as a team if they finished in the top 5% of the participating companies each employee participating in the challenge would earn an extra day of personal time off (PTO).

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