Meetings/Event Space Reservation Requests

AAFCS is now accepting requests to reserve space for a meeting or event at the 2024 Annual Conference.  The meeting or event could be used for:
  • Board and/or Business Meetings.
  • Special Events or Activities (Examples include:  Showcase, Poster Presentation, Entertainment or Cultural Event, Community Service, Awards Recognition, Networking Session).
  • Meal Functions, such as Breakfast, Luncheon, Banquet/Dinner, or Reception. 
    • All meal functions are buffet.
    • Meal function events are limited to 100 people.
    • There is a $1000 fee to reserve a meal function. Attendees will be required to register for the event and pay a separate event fee. Full payment of the $1000 reservation fee will be required to secure your reservation. 
    • Note: 

The following groups/entities are invited to submit their requests to reserve meeting space:  

  • AAFCS Professional Communities
  • AAFCS Boards, Task Forces, Committees, Councils, Assemblies, or Units
  • Alliance for FCS Partner Organizations
  • Other FCS-related group

If your group/entity would like to host a meeting or event in conjunction with the 2024 Annual Conference, the reservation request form MUST be completed by:

November 25: Deadline for Meeting/Event Space Reservation Requests. 


  • The Submitter of this form is the main contact and will receive all email notifications. The Submitter is responsible for sharing all notifications with their group/entity.
  • Conference Registration is REQUIRED for any individual attending a meeting/event in which space and/or time has been requested at the 2024 Annual Conference. Conference name badges are to be worn at all times.