General Sessions

Jane Enright
Jane Enright is an accomplished, humorous, inspiring, and empowering, international keynote speaker, and award-winning Canadian author with an extraordinary life story. In 2017 Jane survived three life-alternating events within 365 days, including an unforeseen brain injury that left her almost speechless. Jane's moving and discerning lived experience as an entrepreneur, strategic planner, kindergarten teacher, university lecturer, and triumphant reinvention after a catastrophic year captivates audiences and has been called “food for the soul”. Her passionate keynote addresses resonate deeply with all ages, providing uplifting, thought provoking, actionable ideas that offer profound insights about overcoming adversity, cultivating a positive mindset, building resilience, compassionate, dynamic leadership, and creating new beginnings with a healthy outlook.

This is a space saver!

Bridging the Generation Gap
Join our esteemed panelists as they examine the evolving challenges faced by Family and Consumer Sciences. The panelists will be exploring a range of topics including:
  • How have individuals, families, and communities changed over time?
  • What types of challenges do individuals, families, and communities face? Are there challenges that have been replaced with new emerging issues or ones that have resurfaced and need action?
  • How have FCS educational programs evolved? And what does the employment market look like for today's FCS professional?
  • What resources for FCS Professionals have evolved overtime and are there any that are still needed?
  • Where do you see the industry and it's priorities transitioning as the focus on technology, AI, and emerging issues arise?

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of Family and Consumer Sciences from differing generational lenses and the lessons learned and lessons still needing to be learned to further our programs and FCS Body of Knowledge.


  • Julie Anderson, CFCS


  • Margaret Torrie
  • Leslie Rodriguez
  • Trey Landman
  • Meilana Charles

Retooling the Family and Consumer Sciences
Body of Knowledge (BOK)
The Family and Consumer Sciences Body of Knowledge is the head, heart, and soul of the profession. This framework focuses on the integrative, holistic nature of issues influencing the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. Efforts are underway to review and update the BOK to address the current needs impacting society and to develop resources to encourage application to and implementation in our professional practice. This interactive time will be spent looking at specific issues, engaging in discussion, and gathering input from the audience. Come with questions and be ready to share your thoughts and experiences.

Facilitators:  Body of Knowledge Task Force

Coming Together for Racial Understanding
Description: Coming Together for Racial Understanding (CTRU) is a dialogue-to-change process for communities seeking new pathways for working together across racial/ethnic lines that seek to foster understanding and build trust in order to make informed collective action for meaningful change. (Southern Rural Development Center, 2024). A partnership between the University of Minnesota Extension and The College of the Muscogee Nation, this “taster session” will introduce you to the CTRU dialogue series, offer the opportunity to experience an affinity group, and present some tools to support your work in community.

Session Moderators/Facilitators/Panelists:

  • Dr. Jennifer Aranda, University of Minnesota Extension
  • Lisa Hinz, University of Minnesota Extension
  • Cynthia Sanders, College of the Muscogee Nation

State of the Association, Updates, and Announcements
Advancing FCS in CTE Education