Certification FAQ

Q: Why do I need to record my AAFCS ID number on my PDU Reporting form?
A: Your AAFCS ID number is used to locate your record in the database. This number helps us to properly record your PDUs and other updates to your record.

Q: When do I submit my 75 PDUs?
A: You may submit your PDUs anytime during your three-year cycle.

Q: Will AAFCS notify my employer of my credential/certification status?
A: If you would like your employer to receive a notification statement from AAFCS to confirm your newly earned or renewed credential, complete the Certification Notification Form and email to certification@aafcs.org.

Q: How will I know my PDUs have been accepted?
A: PDUs reported should be reflected in your online PDU summary within 2 weeks of submission.

Q: Will I receive notification if my approved PDUs are below 75?
A: Yes. You will receive correspondence, at the end of your certification cycle, notifying you that additional PDUs are needed. You may access an online PDU summary at any time.

Q: Will PDU transcripts & copies of PDU reporting forms continue to be provided?
A: The Office of Certification will no longer provide PDU transcripts and copies of hardcopy PDU reports submitted. Online PDU reporting creates a summary that can be printed.

Q: Do I pay the Maintenance Fee even if I don't report any professional development units (PDUs)?
A: Yes. Payment of the Annual Maintenance Fee is a requirement of all program participants.

Q: May I send my Maintenance Fee payment and PDU reporting form separately?
A: Yes. Both must be postmarked by the submission deadline.

Q: If I don't send in my PDU report by October 31st, must I pay the Late Fee?
A: If your cycle ends this year and the required 75 PDUs have not been previously reported, then YES both the PDU report and the maintenance fee payment must be postmarked by October 31st to avoid the late fee. Payment and PDU report may be submitted after October 31st, but they will incur the $35 late fee.

If your cycle does not end this year, only the maintenance fee payment is due by October 31st to avoid the late fee. The PDU report may be submitted at any time during your cycle.

If you are in the "Retired" category for your CFCS credential (meeting all eligibility criteria and having officially requested the change of your CFCS status to "Retired") there is not a PDU reporting requirement, only the maintenance fee payment is due by October 31st to avoid the late fee.

Q: On the PDU reporting form, may I list PDUs that I earned previously, but forgot to report?
A:  PDUs should only be reported for the current cycle dates.  

Q: Is it possible to just send in PDUs as they are earned?
A: PDUs may be reported at any point during the cycle.

Q: Can PDUs be "carried over" from cycle to cycle?
A: No. PDUs must be recorded in the cycle in which they are earned.

Q: If I have opted for "Retired" status with my CFCS certification, am I required to report PDUs for certification maintenance?
A: Those who meet the eligibility criteria for "retired professionals" as defined by AAFCS and have requested a change to "Retired" category for their CFCS credential are not required to report PDUs.

Q: Is it possible for me to be retired from employment but not be in the "retired" category for my CFCS certification?
A: Yes. To obtain "retired" status for CFCS certification, you must meet the Association's eligibility requirements for retired professionals (an active member for at least 10 years, 60 or more years of age, meeting retirement guidelines at place of employment, and no longer gainfully employed) and have requested the change to "retired" certification status. You could be retired from employment but not have "retired" certification status if you meet meet some but not all eligibility requirements or if you have not requested a change in certification status.

Q: What happens if I have "retired" certification status but later decide to again become employed?
A: You would notify the AAFCS Certification Office to request that your certification category be changed because you no longer meet the eligibility requirements for "retired" certification status. At that point you would no longer include the "Retired" designation in your CFCS notation, and you would once again be required to meet the PDU reporting requirements.

Q: If I report that I am retired or unemployed in the employment information section on the PDU Reporting Form, will I be "penalized"?
A: No. This information is used to assess and review the types of activities reported by CFCS' in the various professional practices within the field of family and consumer sciences.

Q: Why have some of my reported PDUs been denied or not recorded?
A: If incomplete activity information is provided on the PDU Reporting Form, the activity cannot be accepted for review, therefore PDUs cannot be assigned and recorded. If the activity is not eligible for PDU credit, the PDUs are denied. If the Office of Certification requested, in writing, that you provide documentation of a specific activity, and the documentation is not provided, the activity cannot be accepted for review, so PDUs cannot be assigned and recorded.

If, after reviewing your PDU reports, you are unable to determine why there is a difference between your PDU calculations and those of the Office of Certification, please contact us. We will be happy to review and discuss your records with you.


Q: How do I request an appeal of the revocation of my certification?
A: You must complete a Certification Appeal Inquiry Form and submit it to the Office of Certification. This form is generally included with your notice of revocation.

Q: When will my appeal be reviewed?
A: Your appeal will be reviewed when it is received in the Office of Certification or, if need be, at the next Council for Certification meeting.

Q: When will I receive a response as to the Council's decision?
A: You will receive a response within 90 days of receipt of your appeal.