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2024 - 2027 AAFCS Advocacy Pilot Program

AAFCS is excited to announce a new pilot program to advance and bring visibility to the Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) profession using messaging developed in partnership with the AAFCS membership, affiliates, communities, and committees. 

The pilot program will include an AAFCS Affiliate grant which will be provided to participating Affiliates to support their work in conducting advocacy in their home states. 

The pilot program will be a partnership between AAFCS and its membership and will include:

•    The AAFCS Affiliates working on state advocacy and reporting their efforts to the AAFCS quarterly.
•    The AAFCS working on federal outreach with support from Affiliates.
•    AAFCS partners and the FCS community supporting AAFCS advocacy efforts by using our education, advocacy, and promotional materials which will be provided online.

About the AAFCS Affiliate Advocacy Grant
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Each Affiliate can apply to participate. Affiliate Applications for the Affiliate Advocacy Grant are due February 15.

  • Each affiliate must identify at least 1 advocacy representative.
  • Each affiliate must agree to hold a minimum of 1 outreach meeting with policymakers per month and provide a report to AAFCS.
  • Each affiliate must agree to share AAFCS Advocacy messaging with policymaker contacts and attend, when possible, associated virtual meetings with federal policymakers. 

Each participating Affiliate will receive:

  • $500 biannually (At quarter 2 and quarter 4) per year to spend on advocacy.
  • Access to an online advocacy reporting tool.
  • Invitations to special advocacy training and strategizing sessions.
  • Invitations to virtual and in person hill meetings.
  • Access to handouts, printables, and other advocacy resources.
  • Each year the AAFCS will award the top 3 performing Affiliates with an award and recognition at the Annual Conference.
  • The award will include travel funding of up to $1500 for one or more advocacy representatives to attend the Annual Conference.