Best Timing

Timing your action is very important for effective policy input. Congress convenes in January and begins committee hearings as soon as possible. It is important to know when a bill or resolution is going to be introduced, discussed, sent to committee, reported, and voted on. To determine if there is any legislation active in the Congress that may impact your area of interest, visit or call the House of Representatives at 202.224.7860.

When calling, ask for the following information:

  • Have any bills have been introduced on a given topic?
  • What is the name and number of the bill?
  • What is the status of a given bill?
  • Who sponsored a given bill?
  • What committees and subcommittees have held hearings on a given bill?
  • The public can review proposed regulations in the "Federal Register", and usually have 60 to 90 days to submit written comments.

Another opportunity to impact policy occurs as the Federal Budget process is implemented each year to guide taxation and spending to fund government operations. After the President presents the federal budget to Congress each January, the Congressional Budget process gives Congress the capacity to control federal budget decisions.

Use the Annual Calendar to help time your advocacy activities.