Media Relations to Support Public Policy Action

Informing others about the work of family and consumer sciences professionals is among the best ways to increase support for the field and enhance the profession’s ability to help individuals, families, and communities. Take every opportunity to educate people and organizations with whom you already have contacts. This includes the people who benefit from your work, community groups, organizations that invite you to speak, and others with which you are involved in volunteer activities. Then expand your efforts to reach local media, specialty publications, and if your topic warrants broader coverage, the national media.

To help you execute effective media relations to support advocacy, the following resources will guide you to:

1. Craft your story for the media
2. Convey your message to media outlets 
3. Prepare for interviews with reporters 
4. Monitor results

The article Make the Media Part of Your Legislative Advocacy Campaign by media pro Al Rothstein provides an excellent overview for you.