Presenter Information

Congratulations!  Thank you for agreeing to present at the 111th Annual Conference & Expo in Baltimore. Below you'll find all the information you'll need to participate, and more will be added as we get closer to the conference. 

Download the Program at a Glance here, to see when your session is tentatively scheduled. This is subject to change! Your title and description may be adjusted for consistency and clarity. Changes have not yet been made; please make sure to check back on the educational session page here in late February to confirm that both still accurately describe your session.
Click here to sign the presenter/facilitator agreement. For your records, here is a copy of that agreement: 

All Presenters and Facilitators (including participants in showcases, poster sessions, and round tables) must agree to the following items to present or facilitate at Annual Conference.

  • To meet all program- or presentation-related deadlines provided to them by AAFCS.
  • To register for a one-day, student, or full registration. Presenters and participants do not qualify for Family/Guest registrations. (If you have received a waiver from AAFCS this does not apply)
  • To abide by the code of conduct and photo policies that must be agreed to upon registering. (learn more here)
  • To ensure that their session’s content matches the description and title provided at time of submission.
  • To obtain licenses and permissions for media (visual or audio) used in their presentations. (ASCAP-licensed music is covered by AAFCS’ license—AAFCS will not be liable for any fines incurred for using non-ASCAP music)
  • To notify AAFCS immediately in writing in the event that an emergency should prevent them from presenting. Any substitution of a new speaker shall require AAFCS’ written consent.
  • To share their presentation with AAFCS by uploading to the app (deadline TBD) or emailing AAFCS. (exceptions may be made for materials copyrighted by the presenter)
  • To share a photo with AAFCS for marketing purposes.
  • To promote the presentation on social media prior to the Annual Conference.

Room Set Information: 
AAFCS is working to match the room set requested in your proposal. However, as we work to maximize space usage, we cannot guarantee that all rooms will be able to be set as requested. Requests for Special Set-ups will be taken into account, and you will be contacted if those requests cannot be met exactly. 

AV Information: (This information does not apply to Curriculum Showcase, Apparel, Textiles & Design Showcase, poster, or Ignite 2020! presenters—no AV or power will be available for those sessions. Presenters may bring battery-powered items.)

  • As stated in the presentation application, each room will be supplied with an LCD projector if one was requested. If you feel you will need a projector and did not request it, or if you no longer need one, please let me know as soon as possible. 
  • When you submitted your proposal, we asked if you would need an HDMI or VGA cable to connect your laptop to the LCD Projector, or if you had a Mac. If you feel you may have answered incorrectly—especially if you do have a VGA port—please let me know as soon as possible so that we can ensure you have access to the correct cable. If you have a Mac, you will need to provide your own cable converter. The hotel does not have converters available as Macs vary from model to model.
  • Remember--the only technology AAFCS will provide is an LCD projector, plus a podium or table microphone if the room requires it.* We do not provide computer speakers, laptops, televisions or DVD players, overhead projectors, wireless microphones, or any other technology. If you need an additional piece of technology, you can rent that from the hotel's AV company. A rental form will be provided here soon.
  • Free wireless internet will be provided in the meeting rooms. We cannot guarantee that the internet will have capability for streaming video—please download all videos to your computer to ensure you can show them.
*if you require a microphone for ADA reasons, please contact us as soon as possible if you did not mention it in your application, and we will ensure we place your session in a room with a microphone. 

Conference App: 

You will receive an email by May 15th asking you to fill out your presenter biography and upload any handouts or presentations to the conference app. This is the best way to connect with attendees and encourage attendance at your session. 

Meal Function Submitters: 
If your presenter is not a conference attendee, we can make an exception for the registration requirement. You must contact AAFCS at to request this exception. Your presenter must still sign the presenter agreement and may not attend any other sessions at the the conference, nor the included meals, and you must purchase a ticket to the meal at which they are presenting. 

A PowerPoint template and social media graphics will be made available in early May, downloadable from this web page. 

Remember: All presenters must register for a full or One-Day registration. The Early Bird Registration deadline is May 1st. Registration is now open