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Professional Assessments - Exam Information 

AAFCS offers five professional-level assessments:

  1. Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Composite Examination
  2. Hospitality, Nutrition and Food Science (HNFS) Concentration Examination (Not available until Fall 2020.)
  3. Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) Concentration Examination
  4. Personal and Family Finance Educator (PFFE) Examination
  5. Nutrition and Wellness Educator (NWE) Examination

How should I study and prepare for one of the computer-based professional-level assessments?

Please click on the exam name below to access the Candidate Information Bulletin and Study Guide which provides general information and assist in preparation for the following exams:

Candidate Information Bulletin and Study Guide Information

Family & Consumer Sciences
Hospitality, Nutrition, & Food Science
Human Development & Family Studies
Candidate Exam Bulletin and Study Guide

Part 1:  Exam Eligibility

Part 2:  Exam Procedure

Part 3:  Exam Preparation

Part 4:  Exam Content

Part 5:  Exam Study References

Part 6:  Exam Sample Items