Certification Reinstatement

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Reinstatement Campaign

AAFCS helps individuals grow and accomplish more, both personally and professionally.   One of those professional accomplishments included earning one of the AAFCS professional credentials (CFCS, CFCS-HDFS, CFCS-HNFS, CNWE, CPFFE).  Having earned and held that credential, you can attest to the intangible benefits – personal satisfaction, increased credibility – that are associated with attaining the standard set by one’s profession. 

The decision to maintain a certification is not one lightly made by busy professionals.  That decision involves time, a commitment to lifelong learning, and often a cost to the employer or individual. 

We understand that there are many reasons (budget, career changes, family or personal challenges) that may have contributed to the decision to let your certification lapse.  Now’s the time to put AAFCS certification back on your radar!  We value you as a professional and want to invite you to reinstate your professional credential during this  special “come-back” campaign!


Value of Credentialing

Professional credentials play a vital role in validating knowledge and skill.  Evidence suggests that the U.S. economy will require an increased number of individuals to have some type of advance credential to assure productive employment.  As you consider making an investment to re-join FCS certified professionals from across the country, remember that certification

  • promotes continuing education and professional growth;
  • recognizes individuals and allows them to use the title and certified designation;
  • increases professional employment opportunities;
  • fosters excellence in the family and consumer sciences profession;
  • markets the profession; and
  • assists employers in recruitment and selection of highly qualified individuals within the profession.

Steps to Reinstatement

During this special campaign, you can reinstate your AAFCS credential in three simple steps:

  • Complete the “Intent to Reinstate” form
  • Submit a description/summary of relevant professional development, continuing education activities, and/or work experience for the period of time since the lapsed period. The summary or documentation must be submitted within 14 business days of the email notification that the "Intent to Reinstate" has been accepted.
  • Pay the reinstatement fee of $350 (via check or credit card) within 14 business days of the email notification that the "Intent to Reinstate" has been accepted. Please note that the fee covers the initial reinstatement fee and the first year of annual maintenance fees.

Contact AAFCS for More Information

For more information, feel free to reach out to AAFCS at 703-636-7641 or certification@aafcs.org.