Product Sales Tables

Product Sales Tables provide an opportunity for not-for-profit entities to raise funds for operation, scholarships, research or other grants, service projects, or foundation activities. Small business owners may also participate.

All purchasers of Product Sales Tables must register for Annual Conference. Discounted rates may be available--please contact us at with questions.

Product Sales Tables will be located in a well-trafficked space near the general session and educational session rooms.  

The hours and days of operation will be:

  • Saturday, June 27th, 2:30pm-5:45pm
  • Sunday, June 28th, 8:00am-3:30pm

Note:  You will have access to your table by 1:45pm on Saturday and 7:00am on Sunday for set-up.

  • At 5:45pm on Saturday and 3:30pm on Sunday, you will need to remove your products and displays from your Product Sales Table.  Due to lack of storage space, AAFCS will be unable to accommodate any storage needs.
  • As security for your products is your responsibility during open hours, please arrange for continuous staffing for your table each day during sales hours. If you will not be available for the entire day and leave merchandise on the table, AAFCS will not be responsible for any missing or damaged merchandise.
  • You are not required to staff your table during all open hours—however, no discounts will be given for only staying open for partial hours, nor will hours be listed separately in the program.
  • The Maryland sales tax rate is 6%. Exhibitors are required to pay Maryland tax on goods sold at the hotel. Neither AAFCS nor the Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor is responsible for collecting the sales tax.
  • Learn more about your responsibilities as a vendor in Maryland on their website here:

(The tax information set forth above is general in nature for information purposes only and does not constitute tax advice on the part of AAFCS.  Please contact your tax advisor before making any tax-related decisions.)

  • The Rental Fee for each Product Sales Table is $150.00.  Included is one skirted, six-foot table and two chairs.  No hotel furniture may be used to add to table space. A second table may be purchased for a discounted fee of $250.00 for two tables. Each additional table will be $100.
  • Two affiliates or communities may share one table. Non-AAFCS entities must each purchase their own table.
  • Please be aware that regulations do not permit electrical appliances or unpackaged food to be brought into the hotel.

Click here to fill out the Product Sales Table application. You will receive an invoice within two business days once this form has been completed. Email us at or call at 703-706-4612 with any questions!