FCS Fast Talks

FCS Fast Talks happenin' at the Hub!

AAFCS is hosting the FCS Fast Talks in Orlando!

What is a FCS Fast Talk? They are a simply a short presentation, delivered on a small stage designed to provide educators with an opportunity to share ideas, innovative programs, and best practices that conference attendees can “take-home” and implement right away.

Presenters will have 10 minutes to speak. These presentations will be held in the EXPO/Hub area June 25-27. The FCS Fast Talks will take place on a small stage. A microphone will be provided. The spotlight will be on the presenter and presented content in an open area for a quick minute, or 10 without PowerPoint slides. The ten minutes includes the Q&A portion.

This session is a live, in-person session, where attendees can feel free to drop in for take-aways and Q&As!


Presentations are listed in the Schedule-At-A-Glance


Hours of Operation

The EXPO/Hub is open on the following days and hours as listed in the Schedule:

            Saturday, June 25th: 11:00am – 3:15pm
            Sunday, June 26th: 11:15am – 3:15pm
            Monday, June 27th: 11:15am – 3:15pm