Educational Experience

The 2022 AAFCS Educational Experiences are designed to give attendees a family and consumer sciences-flavored taste of the host city!

The members of the 2022 Annual Conference Local Advisory Committee are happy to share their Sunshine State with you! They are:

Enid Lapham Sha Pate Wendy Lynch
Dawn Warner Jana Anderson Judy Corbus
Betty Mann McQueen Diann Douglas Samantha Kennedy

What better way to get to know the city than to visit a local organization who gives to charities all the time! The 2022 Educational Experience is in-person participation only.

AAFCS is proud to announce this special event will be hosted by Clean the World. It is an Educational Experience that you won’t want to miss! 

In-person conference attendees can visit the national Clean the World headquarters to tour their facility and soap museum, learn more about how they are saving lives by recycling soap and how one can host a at-home/at-school hygiene kit build! It is recommended to dress comfortably and wear closed-toe shoes.

Saturday, June 25: 4:45–6:15 PM:  FREE event; sign-up required. Transportation is on your own. If you are driving over, there is plenty of free parking by the building. Departing the hotel from the entrance of the hotel: use your Uber app to set up your ride to the Clean the World HQ:
2544 E Landstreet Rd
Orlando, FL 32824

Don't miss the Sunday, June 26th SuperSession when Tom Abdo (Clean the World) presents "Good People Doing Good Things in the World."

Please sign up below as your RSVP for this event by clicking on this graphic:

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