ArAFCS Board of Directors

ArAFCS EXECUTIVE BOARD (June 2020 - May 2021)

Voting Board Members

President: Katie Frizzell
President-Elect: Shanna Jones
Vice-President: Martha Ray Sartor
Past President/Counselor: Monica Lieblong
Treasurer: Rebekah Luong
Secretary: Brittnie Irvin
Nominating Committee: 
-Position #1: Kathryn Carroll
-Position #2: TBA
-Position #3: Joshua Eddinger-Lucero
-Position #4: Mary-Beth Ivie
-Position #5: Marna Farris (chair)

Non-voting Board Members

Parliamentarian/Historian: Rachel Luckett
Communications Co-Chairs: Brittnie Irvin & Rebekah Luong
Legislative Chair: Renee Ryburn
Scholarship, Awards & Recognition Chair: Renee Ryburn
Retirees Chair: Mary Harlan
Student Section Advisor: Leigh Southward
Student Section Chair: Crystal Branch
Student Section Chair-Elect: TBA
Certification Coordinator: Nina Roofe

Professional Section Chairs

Education & Technology/Elementary, Secondary & Adult Education: Mollie Sanford
Colleges & Universities: Rachel Schichtl
Extension: Martha Ray Sartor


Nominating (Chair-Marna Farris)
Bylaws (Chair-Rachel Luckett)
Membership/Recruitment (Chair-Leigh Southward)
Say Yes to FCS (Chair-Kathryn Carroll)
ArAFCS Conference Planning (Chair-Shanna Jones)
Scholarship, Awards, & Recognition (Chair-Renee Ryburn)