Educator Spotlight: Lori Brumbaugh, 2017 Affiliate Teacher of the Year

By AAFCS Team posted 10-01-2017 12:00 AM

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Making a Difference
:  "Careers in Child and Human Development, Early Childhood and Education, Teaching and Training"

This edition spotlights Lori Brumbaugh, as a 2017 AAFCS Affiliate Teacher of the Year!  Creating Successful Early Childhood, Education,Training and Career and College Readiness Pathways to Articulation as an innovative approach to solve a pressing issue. Our world faces a major crisis of a shortage of teachers and training professionals to educate people throughout the lifespan. The goals and outcomes of this program are to help students follow a clear pathway to gain knowledge, experience and articulated credit and/or certifications to segue into college and careers.

Program Focus:
Creating Successful Early Childhood, Education, Career and College Readiness Pathways to Articulation. I have taught Family and Consumer Sciences for over 30 years, focusing on child related classes for over 25 years. When I was the Curriculum Support Team Leader for the 30 FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Teachers in my district, we were given the quest by our CTE (Career and Technical Education) director to update the FCS courses to provide innovative offerings to teach 21st Century skills, provide opportunities for certifications and college credit and help students transition into college and careers with greater ease. To spark this re-visioning process, I helped lead the FCS staff through a brainstorming and curricular adaptation process. Over the next several years, as a continued district and building department leader, myself and other staff members have met with representatives from
the MN Department of Education, Advisory Committee members, industry experts, parents, administrators and students to gather input to creatively update all of the FCS courses reflecting a clear career pathway from middle school through high school and post-secondary. Through this process, we re-created the courses and raised the rigor in the Human Services and Education career pathways. As a result, the courses for 2016-17 are Child and Human Development, Early Childhood Careers and the new course, Education, Teaching & Training. We have cross-walked the National FCS Standards and NEW MN State Standards and Frameworks to make sure they are aligned and incorporated into the core of the classes. We are just starting the process
of a new initiative called Standards Based Grading. We have incorporated FCCLA and Educators Rising (formerly Future Educators Club) student organizations into the curriculum so students can extend their learning in real world applications. The CPHS (Champlin Park High School) FACS Department has just been approved to offer the first ever IB (International Baccalaureate) FCS program in our district to be implemented in
2018-19. In this program, students will take the three courses, Child and Human Development, Early Childhood Careers and Education, and Teaching and Training throughout their freshman through junior years. They will be enrolled in the IB FACS/FCCLA Internship Program for their entire senior year. The student projects and career portfolios will be evaluated and graded with top criteria at IB locations throughout the world.

School/Community Setting
The Anoka-Hennepin School District is one of Minnesota's largest, serving approximately 38,000 students and 248,000 residents.  Spread out across 172 square miles, the district is made of 13 suburban communities north of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Anoka-Hennepin has 24 elementary schools, six middle schools (grades six through eight), and five high schools, plus alternative middle and high school sites. It is the primary mission of the 
Anoka-Hennepin School District to effectively educate each of our students for success. As for CPHS, the school in which I teach, the school serves six communities.  CPHS’s four pillars stand for Cooperation, Pride, High Expectations and Success. The school is known for its state of the art technology and house concept. It is these major focuses that has made CPHS unique and a leader in education innovation in the state and country. The current enrollment is 2810 students.  At this time, the FCS Department has 1 part-time and 3 part-time teachers. The enrollment over the past 3 years has been: 2014-15: 1531 students, 2015-16:1586 students, and 2016-17: 1169 students. The overall enrollment of the school had been declining and now is increasing
again. The class enrollment reflects a maximum of 32 students per class in the lab based culinary classes and 38 students in other FCS areas.

Why did you "Say Yes to FCS"?
I said YES to FCS because I believe in all that FCS stands for!  I am so proud of our profession and the lifelong, positive impact that we make on our society and families!  Seeing students embrace the knowledge and skills taught in FCS is a dream come true!  As I say often, "Every day is a FUN day in FCS!"