Educator Spotlight: Shelliann Barnum, 2017 Affiliate Teacher of the Year

By AAFCS Team posted 10-01-2017 12:00 AM

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Making a Difference
:  "Food and Nutrition in FCS"

This edition spotlights Shelliann Barnum as the 2017 Affiliate Teacher of the Year for Utah.  This curriculum focus covers the Food and Nutrition content. The Utah Food Handler Permit and the ServSafe Food Handler Permit were added to the course. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) concepts were identified and highlighted. Updates were made to the skills certification examination and course curriculum shared on the Utah Education Network (UEN) website. The curriculum updates included scope and sequences, pre/post-assessments, lesson plans, presentations, note guides and extension activities.

Program Focus:
The curriculum I have chosen to focus on is the Food and Nutrition I (FN) content. As my state, Utah, updated the FN course content I was asked to be a part of the committee, pilot group, and advisory board responsible for changes. Together with the help from food and nutrition industry leaders, the FN content was updated and improved. Industry certifications, the Utah Food Handler Permit as well as the ServSafe Food Handler Permit, were added to the course. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) concepts were identified and highlighted in the strands and standards for the course. As part of the advisory board and pilot group for this update I was responsible for assisting in updates to the skills certification examination, as well as the course curriculum that is shared on the Utah Education Network (UEN) website. The course curriculum updates included scope and sequences, pre-assessments, post-assessments, lesson plans, presentations, note guides and a variety of extension activities.  Edivate, a teacher/professional learning organization, came into my classroom to film the STEM concepts being taught in my FN course. A short educational video was created to help improve teacher effectiveness and promote the STEM concepts being taught in FCS.

School/Community Setting
Desert Hills Middle School (DHMS) is one of six middle schools in Washington County School District. Since opening in 2008 as a middle school student population has risen from around 600 students to around 1150 in 2016. The FCS program grew from one full time teacher to two full time teachers in that time.  The FN course at DHMS has been a big part of the FCS program. During the 14-15 school year the FCS program increased from 1 full time teacher to 1.5 teachers. We taught 5 sections of the FN course. During the 15-16 school year, still with 1.5 teachers the FN course enrollment increased to eight sections. This year with two full time teachers we taught seven sections of the course which served approximately 210 students. Enrollment for the 2017-18 school year estimates 8-9 sections of the course. The student enrollment at DHMS has outgrown the schools capacity and a new school is in the process of being built. DHMS enrollment is expected to cut in half, to about 600 students again, by the 2018 school year when the new school opens.. 

Why did you "Say Yes to FCS"?

I said Yes to FCS because it is in my blood! My education in FCS began in my Mom's classroom. From the young age of 10, I knew I wanted to be a FCS educator too. The influence my Mom, as a FCS educator, had has impacted so many. 20 years after graduating from high school and I am still amazed when people walk up to me in the grocery store and ask if I am Mrs. Spor's daughter and do I have a certain recipe, or directions for a pattern, or they tell me a story about something they still do in their home today because of something they learned from my Mom. I love that the content I get to teach my students is practical, relevant, and necessary information with hands-on skills. I prepare students for a successful life at home, in the community, and in their chosen careers.  I am a FCS educator!

In the banner photo, you will see the top picture of me and my mom taken in September of 1999 in her classroom at Dixie High School in St. George, Utah. I had finished my first year of college working towards a degree in FCS education. During my teaching career, I was able to teach in the same district as my Mom before she retired. It was amazing to be able to collaborate with her as professional colleagues. The bottom picture was taken in the summer of 2017 at the Utah FCS Summer Conference. It is a picture of me with some of my former students who have gone on to be FCS educators in Utah. I love that I get to work and learn with my former students!