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Submission System OPENS for 2022 Annual Conference: Educational Sessions

By AAFCS Team posted 10-20-2021 04:06 PM


AAFCS is now accepting proposals for Educational Sessions for the in-person 2022 Annual Conference (June 25-27 in Orlando, FL).  Proposals may be submitted by AAFCS members and nonmembers.  Proposals should fit within ONE of the following Conference Strands:  

  • Effect Change:  Leadership, Advocacy and Collaboration
  • Effect Change:  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Celebrate #FCSsuccess:  Educational Tools, Trends, and Resources
  • Celebrate #FCSsuccess:  Research and Scholarship

Deadline for SubmissionMonday, November 15  Extended to Thursday, November 18th, 12 pm EASTERN TIME

Proposal Review Rubric:  The proposals will undergo blind, peer review.  Click here to download the scoring rubric that will be used by the peer reviewers.

Proposal Components:

  1. Submitter Information: The individual submitting the proposals will be the key contact for AAFCS.  If there are co-presenters, the submitter will be the lead for ensuring that all pertinent information is shared with the co-presenters.    All conference presenters and attendees for the meeting, meal function, or special event need to register for the conference.
  2. Session Information
    • Session Title (150 characters max)
    • Session Description for Program (500 characters max): Describe the proposed session's content and format. Be as specific as possible to accurately describe your session.
    • Group Name (if applicable): Please list the name of the group sponsoring/submitting this educational session.  
    • Added Value: Describe how the session will provide educational/professional development value to attendees and contribute to the conference, association and/or profession as a whole. (500 Characters max)
  3. Session Details:
    • Content AreaPlease identify the content areas addressed within the session.
    • Professional Practice Setting:  Please identify the practice settings for which the session is designed.
    • Presentation Format:  Proposals may be submitted for presentation as an:
      • On-Site Presentation (Time allotment for on-site/in person presentations is 45 minutes)
      • Pre-Recorded Presentation (Time allotment for pre-recorded presentations is 30 minutes).  If the proposal is selected, the pre-recorded session must be submitted in MP4 format by May 1, 2022.
    • Instructional Focus:
      • Practical Applications
      • Strategies for Implementation
      • Emphasis on Research
      • Case Studies
      • Tools/Techniques
    • Applicable Certifications:  CFCS, CFCS-HDFS, CFCS-HNFS, CPFFE, CNWE
    • Learning Objectives:  A total of three Learning Objectives are required.  Click here for more information on writing learning objectives.
    • Outline:  Within the outline, identify/describe any content included and the method of delivery (presenter discussion, PowerPoint, demonstration, etc).  If the proposal is for an on-site presentation, you may include audience engagement activities you plan to use during the session.
    • InspirationWhat is the inspiration or motivation for the development of this proposal? What framework/research/foundation does this proposal build upon or validate?
  4. Presenter Information:  Proposals may include up to 6 presenters.  Please note that the submitter will need the following information for each presenter:  name, title, AAFCS certifications, email address, and Member/Customer ID number (optional). 
  5. Session Requests:
    • Room Set Up: Theater, Rounds, Special Setup (Sessions that require multiple rooms, room set changes, or extra furniture may incur labor and/or furniture rental charges.)
    • Audiovisual: AAFCS will have limited availability of LCD projectors.   Presenters may supply the AV equipment to be used for their session.  AV equipment may also be rented from the AV company contracting with AAFCS for the conference.
    • Schedule/Time: The 2022 Annual Conference has a condensed schedule.  AAFCS understands that it is beneficial to both attendees and presenters to avoid certain scheduling conflicts and that it is likely that another session/event will take place before or after another proposed session/event. If you would like to request specific sessions to avoid scheduling conflicts with or would like to identify the order for sessions/events, please indicate within this section of the proposal.  AAFCS will work to accommodate all requests.   
  6. Acknowledgement of Agreements
    • Email Agreement: I have entered an email address at which I can be reached at all times. I understand it is my responsibility to read and respond to all emails from AAFCS regarding conference logistics. Failure to respond to these emails in a prompt manner may impact my ability to present at the conference.
    • Registration Agreement: I understand that if this session is selected, each presenter MUST register for the AAFCS conference AND complete the Presenter Agreement. This applies to ALL sessions: Educational Sessions, Board and Business Meetings, Community & Group Events, and Meal Functions.
    • Schedule/Timing Agreement: I understand that for ALL sessions, presenters must be available on any day of the conference and that the schedule is subject to change.
    • Communication Agreement: I understand as the submitter that I am responsible for communicating proposal and acceptance details with co-presenters.
    • AV Agreement: I understand that AAFCS will have limited availability of LCD projectors.   Presenters may supply the AV equipment to be used for their session.  AV equipment may also be rented from the AV company contracting with AAFCS for the conference.

:  You will be prompted to log into MyAAFCS to submit a proposal.