Call for Manuscripts: FCSRJ Special Issue "Consuming in Hospitality and Tourism during Pre- and Post-Pandemic"

By AAFCS Team posted 02-18-2022 08:53 AM


The Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal is pleased to issue a call for manuscripts for a special issue for publication. For 50 years, the Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal has been the periodical of choice for specialists in every segment of the field. The Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal started to accept papers on hospitality and tourism management in 2021. As hospitality and tourism management is a newly added area, a special issue is proposed to timely address the most important current issue in the hospitality and tourism area. Further information about the Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal can be found here.

Special Issue Information
The COVID-19 pandemic has made the hospitality and tourism industry into an unprecedented challenging environment since 2020. Understanding consumption in Hospitality and Tourism during pre-and post-pandemic is essential to surviving in the unpredictable market environment. Short-term and long-term strategic practices and solutions are needed to develop and implement for the present and future. Thus, the focused area of this special issue should stress the importance of consumers’ behavioral changes and adaptation. The guest editor would like to take this opportunity to bring significant attention among hospitality and tourism scholars on understanding consumers during pre-and post-pandemic and give insight on strategies prepare for the future. We would like to cordially invite scholars to contribute an article to the Special Issue titled “Consuming in Hospitality and Tourism during Pre-and Post-Pandemic.”

 Potential topics of this special issue can be listed as but not limited to

  • Consumer behavioral changes
  • Family travel and dining-out behaviors
  • Health, security, and safety concerns
  • Technology challenges and adaption
  • Spending challenges
  • Changes in consumer expectation and satisfaction
  • Obstructions to travel
  • Social media usages
  • Labor Shortages
  • Employing, training, and retaining staff
  • Contingency management plan
  • Supply challenges
  • Financial challenges

Co-Guest Editors:

Chang Huh, Professor
College of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Niagara University, New York, 14109, USA
Interests: Business analytics, Research methods, Service marketing

Kwangsoo Park, Associate Editor of Hospitality and Tourism Management in the Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal
Department of Apparel, Merchandising, Interior Design, and Hospitality Management in the College of Human Sciences and Education
North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota, 58104, USA
Interests: Quality of life in hospitality and event management, Disability inclusion in hospitality and tourism

Review Process
:  Each paper submitted for publication consideration is subjected to the standard review process designated by the Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal. Based on the recommendations of the reviewers, the Editor-in-chief along with the guest editors, decisions will be made whether particular submissions will be accepted, revised or rejected.

Proposed schedule:  Paper due: June 30, 2022; Expected Publication Date: June 30, 2023

Manuscript Guidelines:  Authors should submit manuscripts electronically via the journal online platform. All papers should follow the submission guidelines of the Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal. For more information please visit: