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Announcing Partnership to Develop Recommended Changes to FCS CIP Codes

By AAFCS Team posted 06-18-2024 03:48 PM



AAFCS and LEAD FCS Education are collaborating on a joint initiative to review and revise CIP Code 19 (Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences) and recommend inclusion on the STEM-related list. The joint initiative will include an ad-hoc review committee and a content advisory committee. Please take a few moments to complete the survey by Friday, June 28 to express your interest to participate in this important work which includes:


  • The Ad-Hoc Review Committee tasked to review, revise, and recommend changes to CIP Code 19.
  • The Initiative Content Advisory Committee to provide subject-matter expertise and feedback regarding proposed changes to CIP Code 19.

FCS colleagues are pursuing revision and recommendations to the CIP Code 19.0+, which represents all FCS content areas for the following reasons: 

  1. It’s been about 25 years since the last revision, which oversaw the blending of secondary and postsecondary goals under one comprehensive coding system;
  2. Given the focus on STEM at all education levels, the need to integrate STEM across the FCS CIP Code 19 is essential.
  3. Concern for FCS graduate study connections to STEM have been raised. To avoid the movement of sub-disciplines away from CIP 19, it is essential to revise to ensure fit across all education settings. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has identified multiple CIP Codes which it has labeled as STEM-Related. International graduate students across these related STEM programs have the advantage of remaining longer in the U.S. to complete their research. Without FCS CIP 19 included on the DHS list, FCS graduate students are disadvantaged.

Once the CIP Code 19 is revised, the intention is to petition the DHS for inclusion on the STEM-related list. AAFCS and LEAD FCS Education are partnering to oversee this process, which will require content experts to review the work of the ad hoc review committee. We are soliciting your interest to participate in this important work.

Please take a few moments to complete the survey by clicking here

Thanks for your thoughtful consideration. This project will unfold through March 2025, and the FCS professional community will have opportunities to review at critical junctures. Please forward this to colleagues who you believe could contribute. Invitations to participate on the committees will be sent in early July.