Wellness Wednesday: FCSfit Innovators of the Month

By Sophy Mott posted 12-13-2017 12:00 AM



AAFCS is pleased to share that our inaugural round of FCSfit Project Grants have been awarded, and invites you to learn this week about the two projects that were funded. The next grant period opens in January, 2018, and we look forward to helping two more FCSfit Innovators see their projects to fruition!  

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Project leader:  Meeshay Williams-Wheeler
Project Description:  FCSfit Kids: Promoting Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in a Family Mentor Experience  Assignment

In brief:  
The purpose of the FCSfit KIDS project is to provide leadership and guidance to college students on age and developmentally appropriate ways to teach young children about healthy eating and physical activity. This project will be implemented within a family systems course which focuses on a multi-generational developmental approach to developing healthy relationships within contemporary families. FCSfit KIDS will provide college students a hands-on learning approach to the health and well-being of families with young children.

A primary objective of the FCSfit KIDS project is to educate young children on healthy eating and physical activity in the context of an edible garden. College students will share and include physical activity exercises, healthy recipes and gardening education materials with children and families during a family mentorship experience. In addition, college students will engage young children in FCSfit KIDS project with hands-on gardening activities in the classroom and the edible garden.

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Project leader:  Nicole A. Graves
Project Description:  Crockpots of Kindness

In brief: 
The collegiate student organization AAFCS/FCCLA Alumni will be in charge of this project. They will work with the local food pantry and Feeding Brookings non-profit organization to identify 18-20 families in need. They will provide those families with a crock-pot complete with recipe ideas and food budgeting tips/solutions. The selected recipes will coordinate with the foods that are being distributed. If possible, student members will set up cooking demonstrations at the food pantry and Feeding Brookings food distribution events.

The project, while primarily focused on addressing hunger in the local community, would most immediately address the theme of physical well-being. However, since families will also be provided with tips and suggestions regarding food budgeting and making the best use of their food resources, the theme of financial and resource well-being will also be addressed. Last, but not least, the hope is that if families are provided with more opportunities to prepare healthy family meals then emotional and relationship well-being will also improve.

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