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Session 1
Session 1

In Session 1, you will explore six of the benefits of AAFCS Accreditation and how to present this information to stakeholders.  You will also discover how the Body of Knowledge (BOK) is unique to the field of Family and Consumer Sciences.
Session 1 Resources

  • Overview and explanation of the FCS Body of Knowledge
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Compendium Series Volume 1, Body of Knowledge
  • Family and Consumer Science Body of Knowledge in the Classroom Webinar
  • Session 1 Presentation PDF
Session 2
Session 2

Join Dr. Sue Byrd as she unravels the complexity of AAFCS Accreditation as she walks through the steps in the accreditation process, expanding on important points to consider, including how to get faculty involved in the process.
Session 2 Resources 

  • Form A Application for Accreditation
  • Form B Checklist of Steps in the Accreditation Process
  • AAFCS Assessment Model
  • Session 2 Presentation PDF
Session 3

This session will cover the components of Standard 1 (Institutional Environment) while providing explanations, examples and ideas about how you might complete the forms and matrices. You will also learn how to critically assess your programs and present your data in the Self-Study Report.
Session 3 Resources

  • Form 1.1(2): Mission Statement
  • Form 1.2(1): Mission Goal Statement
  • Form 1.2(2): Mission Driven Decision Making
  • Form 1.3(1): Uniqueness: Organization & Administration of Academic Setting
  • Form 1.4(3): Responsibilities of Unit Administrator
  • Form 1.5(4): Enrollment Degree Data
  • Form 1.5(6): Assessment of Unit Resources
  • Session 3 Presentation PDF
Session 4
Session 4

The six major components a Unit is expected to demonstrate related to Standard 2: Instructional Programs will be investigated in this session. Examples of completed Forms and Matrices are shared in the session.
Session 4 Resources

  • Form 2.1(5): Program of Study
  • Form 2.2(3): Public Reporting of Student Performance and Achievement
  • Matrix 2.1(1): Core Concepts
  • Matrix 2.1(2): Integrative Elements
  • Matrix 2.1(3): Cross-Cutting Themes
  • Matrix 2.2(2): Assessment of Curriculum Goal and Student Learning Outcomes
  • Matrix 2.3(2): Assessment of Culminating Experience and Student Learning Outcomes
  • Session 4 Presentation PDF
Session 5

Session 5

Standard 3 addresses the discovery, integration, & application of knowledge. Regardless of subject-matter expertise, all faculty in the Unit are expected to engage in research, scholarly inquiry, and creative endeavors that complement the teaching and learning objectives of the Unit and are aimed at improving the knowledge base and practice of family and consumer sciences. Standard 3 asks faculty to look beyond the teaching vs research debate and recognize that knowledge is acquired through research, synthesis, application, and teaching.

Session 5 Resources

  • Matrix 3.1(1)a: Unit Research, Scholarly, or Creative Activities
  • Matrix 3.1(1)b: Assessment of Unit Success of its Research, Scholarly, or Creative Activities
  • Session 5 Presentation PDF
Session 6
Session 6

Faculty, Staff and Students addresses a diverse range of topics related to faculty, staff, and students. The focus includes assessment of whether the educational preparation and professional experiences of the faculty are appropriate for the mission, goals, and curricula of the Unit.
Session 6 Resources

  • Form 4.1: Faculty Data
  • Matrix 4.2(5): Assessment
  • Session 6 Presentation PDF
Session 7

The self-study is submitted via an online Accreditation Management System.  This session will focus on the submittal process and tips and best practices for formatting the self-study narrative and documentation.  A step-by-step tutorial will be provided as a resource.
Session 7 Resources
Session 8 Preparing for the Site Visit
Session 8

Details on what to expect and how to prepare for an AAFCS Site Visit are provided in this session. Information on timelines, agendas, roles of site visitors, finances of a visit and much more are discussed.
Session 8 Resources

Session 8 Presentation PDF
Session 9

Assessment has been a critical component in all sessions of the Accreditation Academy. This session is a more in-depth look at the why, what and how of assessment in the accreditation process.
Session 9 Resources
  • Assessment Matrix
  • Session 9 Presentation PDF